Telenor presented Report on sustainable business

April 19, 2012 –Telenor company has allocated over RSD42m in 2011 for projects and donations aiming at improvement of the position of socially vulnerable groups, children’s safety on the Internet, investments in art and education, environmental protection and support to institutions of public importance.

The Report confirms Telenor’s dedication to its employees and their constant professional development with 123 trainings for 1,457 staff members in 2011. In addition, 48 students also underwent professional training in the company last year.

Through its intensive cooperation with partners, obeying standards and legal regulations, Telenor affects not only development of occupational health and safety culture, but conscious business culture as well.

Telenor CEO Kjell Morten Johnsen presented the results featuring in the Report on Telenor’s sustainable business in 2011, whereas UNICEF Area Representative in Serbia Judita Reichenberg and Head of E-Crime Investigations Unit within the Serbian Ministry of Interior Vladimir Urošević talked about the importance of long-lasting cooperation with the company.

“For the last five years, Telenor has been helping the society, vulnerable social groups, investing in young people and their professional development, supported development of culture and art and promoted importance of environmental protection. In 2011, we allocated more than RSD27m for project and donations, in corporate philanthropy we invested more than 8 million and almost RSD7m for operational costs. We believe that good deeds make the world go round, we will continue with our practice and investments in the society, people and environmental protection and we will strive to remain the leader in the corporate responsibility sector in Serbia,” Johnsen underlined.

Through its CSR activities, Telenor reduced its average energy consumption by 14% per facility y-o-y. In 2011, the company recycled 92% of produced waste, whereas average fuel consumption per office car dropped by 12.8%.

Telenor is the first operator in Serbia to introduce the Internet content blocking filters that block contents with elements of sexual abuse of children in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. In 2011, Telenor also continued the Internet Parks project, within which 29 Internet parks across Serbia have been opened so far.

Within the “Networking” project, personal documents and ID cards were granted to 7,367 individuals, 12,212 children have received their vaccines, together with 1,381 adults, 1,514 pregnant women and new mums underwent medical check-ups, 13,234 Roma people chose their GPs and 3,238 children enlisted in schools. Last year, 15 new female mediators and 60 practice nurses joined the project. In that way, the project enlarged to include 60 Serbian towns with 75 active mediators.

In cooperation with the National Museum and Stari Grad municipality, Telenor also organised the Art Tour which enabled passers-by to take a look at reproductions of 33 pieces of art belonging to the National Museum’s collection in the open.

Investments in young talents have been continued in the previous year as well. Audio books for the blind and the vision-impaired students of the Novi Sad University have been provided, teaching at the Telecommunications Department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Niš has been improved and the traditional award in the telecommunications field “Prof. dr Ilija Stojanović” granted.

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