Telenor opened contact centre for customers from Serbia and Hungary

For the first time support for customers from two countries in one place
September 25, 2013 – Today Telenor officially opened first Contact Centre in Subotica, which will provide telephone support to customers of two operators – Telenor Hungary and Telenor Serbia - in one place.

The Centre was opened by Stefan Lazarević, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications, Modest Dulić, Mayor of the City of Subotica and Ove Fredheim CEO of Telenor Serbia.

“Telecommunications are one of the most dynamic economic industries in Serbia and have a great influence on the development and economic growth with a 5.5% share in gross social product of Serbia. It’s of great importance to have Telenor on our market, since it’s a creative, innovative and modern system, but also a good employer and socially responsible company. I am particularly pleased that Telenor has decided to expand its business that includes customers from two countries. This move represents a good invitation to other companies to invest in our country. By constant investments, expansion of its network and services it offers, Telenor, one of the largest world operators, shows that it has trust in the Republic of Serbia and that there are many possibilities for doing business here,” said Stefan Lazarević, State Secretary for Telecommunications.

Left: State Secretary Stefan Lazarević – good move and invitation to other companies to invest in Serbia.
Right: Bilingual operators in contact center.
The Centre currently employs 30 new people from Serbian and Hungarian speaking areas, composed of well-tuned team of agents ready to answer customers’ calls and, at the same time, meet high service provision criteria.

This marked the start of the implementation of Telenor long-term development strategy of Customer Care for Central and East Europe in practice, which will enable Telenor to provide the best-in-class customer experience in the region.

“We are constantly looking for better ways to provide the best possible services to our customers. Customers are increasingly demanding and we want to be ready for the future and provide European quality services at every moment. The establishment of the Regional Customer Care Centre is a logical step in that direction. Since Telenor Serbia is a leader in this part of Europe, especially in customer satisfaction, as the key performance indicator, this represents a chance to share our experiences and good practices within Telenor Group”, said Ove Fredheim CEO of Telenor Serbia.

This Centre is of special significance for Subotica for its contribution to the decentralisation of business operations and development of the local community.

"The city of Subotica fully recognises the importance that modern communications technologies have in the development of the local community, because it is that same telecommunications infrastructure that guarantees new investments. In that context, we observe the partnership we have developed with Telenor in recent years as one of the key conditions for further investments and, consequently, for opening new jobs”, says Modest Dulić, Mayor of Subotica.

Contact Centre is located in the business centre Galerija in Subotica. It is fitted with modern equipment and meets high technical standards, but also standards as regards knowledge and expert level of employees in providing services to customers.