Telenor no. 1 on Sustainability

Oslo, September 8, 2008 -  Telenor has been ranked number one on sustainability in mobile telecommunications on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) for the second year in a row. DJSI ranked Telenor as the industry leader among 17 mobile telecommunications companies on the combined performance on a range of economic, social and environmental criteria. However the report also indicates that we face challenges in our supply chain.

This is the seventh year that Telenor has been ranked highly on the DJSI. The Indexes rank how well companies conduct their business based on 98 in-depth questions on economic, social and environmental aspects of Sustainability. This is the world's most comprehensive annual analysis of sustainability trends and corporate sustainability performance. The research is based on extensive internal and external documentation.
Long term investment in sustainability
Telenor's achievement is the result of a sustained focus on improving the company's corporate responsibility performance across the Group. "We are pleased that the DJSI recognise our long term investment in improving the sustainability of all our operations," said Hilde Tonne, Executive Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibility.
The analysis covered a wide-range of non-financial aspects of our business. The combined score reflects that while there are areas where we need to improve, overall the sustainability performance of Telenor compares favourably to that of our competitors.
Improvement needed on supply chain performance
The DJSI report recognised that Telenor still has some way to go in order to ensure sustainability across the supply chain, with a ranking of 51 per cent (compared to the industry average of 49 per cent). This score is in line with Telenor's own findings and we are working hard to improve standards for suppliers and our procedures for monitoring the sustainability performance of the supply chain.

Recognising social and environmental initiatives
The benchmarking also recognised several areas where Telenor's performance is industry-leading among mobile telecommunications companies. We scored particularly highly on the social dimension.
The DJSI  recognised our efforts in extending the benefits of mobile communications, such as our Empowerment through Access work (scores of 78 per cent vs. industry average of 27 per cent  for Digital Inclusion) and the positive impact from mobile communications on economies in low-income countries (scores of 88 per cent  vs. industry average of 27 per cent for Impact of Telecommunications) and in our corporate citizenship and philanthropy strategy (score of 79 per cent compared to 32 per cent). We also scored particularly favourably on our Climate Strategy, with a score of 85 per cent compared to the industry average of 25 per cent.
Result of combined efforts across the group
Telenor's score on the Index is the result of the combined efforts and hard work of people across the Telenor Group. This recognition shows that while there is still a lot of work to be done, our focus on economic, social and environmental improvements is yielding results.
"I would like to thank everyone across the Group who has been involved in this work for their persistent efforts. This is a significant achievement that recognises the attention and hard work you have put into improving our sustainability as a business," said Mai Oldgard, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility.