Telenor "New Looks of the City" calendar 2009

Calendar is made of recycled paper and packed in renewable linen fabric bags

December 11, 2008 – Telenor calendar for 2009 includes reproductions of works of art created in the “Start Up City” and “Art2SitOn” projects. The “new Looks of the City” calendar is made of recycled paper and packed into renewable linen fabric bags. When 2009 expires, the calendar can be used as a file folder, while the bag can be a useful accessory for morning shopping or strolling down the city in the afternoon. In this manner, Telenor continues to contribute to environmental protection.

The calendar designer is Igor Oršolić, a participant in the “Start Up City” project and the author of the mural in Novi Pazar, the art director of numerous independent projects and the winner of Bizart, Magdalena and Grifon awards.
The “New Looks of the City” represents a crown of cooperation between the Telenor Foundation and the Contemporary Art Platform “Kiosk” on projects aimed at reviving the art scene in Serbia. Owing to shared efforts within the ”Start Up City” project, 19 cities in Serbia have been decorated with murals, while with the “Art2SitOn” project Belgrade has obtained street furniture at most frequent city locations.
A reminder of projects where the Telenor Foundation has supported artists in reshaping everyday life of citizens of Serbia by presenting their works of art at public places, the “New Looks of the City” calendar is the second calendar made by the company. The Challenge the Wall” calendar for 2008 included reproductions of 12 best works from the contest for the best Telenor wallpaper design.

Plastic bags seriously pollute the living environment
With the calendar made of renewable materials, Telenor wishes to focus public attention on the significance of environmental protection and improvements, since pollution caused by plastic bags is one of major environmental issues in the world. A billion and a half of plastic bags are thrown away in Serbia on average annually. Plastic bags are generally used for twenty minutes, while their decomposition takes up to a thousand years. The overall size of bags thrown away in Serbia each year is three times bigger than the whole territory of Serbia.
Telenor is also the first company in Serbia which launched mobile and fixed phone recycling, with more than 70,000 devices processed so far.