Telenor Named Top Performer by Sustainability Yearbook

February 19, 2008 - The Telenor Group is ranked the best Mobile Telecom company in the world by the Sustainability Yearbook 2008. 
Continuous work with corporate sustainability
"We are proud and honoured to be ranked the best Mobile Telecom company in The Sustainability Yearbook 2008. Our systematic work with corporate responsibility has improved from last year, and we are now the best performer in our sector. It shows that the Telenor Group's continuous work with corporate responsibility has been successful and this recognition is great encouragement for everyone who is working with these issues. As we go forward we will strive to further improve our performance," says Ola Jo Tandre, Acting Vice President Group CR.
Only the top 15% companies qualify

Behind the yearbook are PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Sustainable Asset Management (SAM). Every Year the 2,500 largest companies (based on the Dow Jones Global Index) are invited to participate in SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Only the top 15% of each of the 57 SAM sectors qualify for inclusion in the Sustainability Yearbook. 
Telenor moves ahead on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes 
The distinctions from Sustainable Asset Management AG (SAM) also reflect Telenor's results on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). In 2007, for the first time during the six years that it has been among the leading companies on the Indexes, Telenor was named sector leader in mobile telecommunications. 
Among the runners up were: 
-         BCE 
-         Vodafone Group
-         SK Telecom
-         TeliaSonera.
Leaping forward
This year there are also two new titles to achieve; SAM Sector Leader and SAM Sector Mover. Telenor was awarded both titles for the Mobile Telecom sector. The Sector Leader award identifies the company best prepared to seize the opportunities and manage the risk deriving from sector-specific economic, environmental and social developments. The Sector Mover title is given to the company that proportionally has improved its sustainability performance the most since last year. 
SAM silver class

New this year is that SAM will not only list the companies, but classifies them into three categories: 
-         SAM Gold Class 
-         SAM Silver Class 
-         SAM Bronze Class
With excellent results in both the Economic and Social Dimension, the total score qualified Telenor for the SAM Silver Class. This was the highest achievement in the Mobile Telecom sector, and Telenor was the only company to achieve this classification.