Telenor joins ”Click Safely” campaign

On the Safer Internet Day, continuation of campaign of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society across Serbia announced

Serbian mobile operators support fight for children’s Internet safety
Belgrade, February 09, 2010 – Resulting from alarming conclusions of a survey on children’s Internet safety, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Republic of Serbia continues with the “Click Safely” campaign. Telenor joins this fight to Children’s Internet safety as one of the partners.

A step forward this year will be to educate psychologists and pedagogues and advise parents on safe Internet use in schools across Serbia, who will then transfer the information to teachers and other parents from their respective schools. The Special High-Technology Crime Department has also provided support to the education project and its representatives will be lecturers.

Children in Serbia have a simple access to a home PC, more than 90% of respondents have a profile at Facebook, and more than 60% have an individual they do not know in person among friends, for chatting and exchanging images. 
These are only some of the findings of the survey pointing to an increasing number of children who are threatened at the Internet in some way. On the other hand, parents mostly think that PC use cannot harm their children.

In its search for reliable partners in this important project, the Ministry has contacted Telenor.

“Both children and their parents largely benefit from telecommunications today. Children are passionate and earnest PC and handset users. It is necessary, however, to direct and protect them. Children’s safety is our primary concern and therefore we have to do everything in our power to limit distribution of unsuitable contents. A filter against children’s abuse is a technical obstacle which blocks handset and PC access to websites with inappropriate contents. Telenor Group is a pioneer in this area and the first telecommunication operator in the world which cooperates with police in creating such a filter. It is equally important to educate the youth on potential Internet abuse. Therefore, in cooperation with the NGO sector and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we supported many workshops for primary schools across Serbia in 2009, while this year we will support the “Click Safely” campaign of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society,” says Kjell-Morten Johnsen, CEO of Telenor in Serbia.

Around 30% of respondents – children under 18 – have at least one negative experience at the Internet or know a person who has had such experience. More than 40% is concerned about a possibility of false identification at the Internet.

The Safer Internet Day was established in 2004, upon the European Union’s initiative, promoting safe Internet and handset use among children and youth. Since then, a range of activities and events regarding the importance of children’s Internet protection is organised around the world every February. This year’s slogan of the global campaign is “Think before you post”.
A message to children using the Internet is simple: “Explore the world of the Internet and use all of its advantages, but always be careful and consult parents, teachers and friends about anything you find suspicious.

A message to parents: Ask around about all threats, but do not limit freedom to your children. It is important to talk with children about advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet and PC in general.