Telenor invites youth to Oslo summit

Telenor Serbia opened competition for two representatives at the global Youth Summit

Telenor Serbia opened competition for two representatives at the global Youth SummitThe competition is open for all the young from 18 to 25 years of age, who aspire to contribute to social change and believe that the use of digital communications can make our common future better. All interested can submit their applications till October 17, over the site:   
Chosen representatives will take part in the Youth Summit in Oslo, from December 9 – 11, gathering 28 participants from all European and Asian countries in wich Telenor operations. During three-day gathering, the young will have an opportunity to develop their ideas at workshops, meet prominent leaders and global experts from Telenor Group and Nobel Peace Center, as well as to attend festivities on the occasion of the awarding of Nobel Peace Prize.
“The young are the ones that understand the advantages of digital future. They have the energy and passion to make our society better, and are today’s digital frontrunners. We firmly believe in the power of telecommunications and Internet access. I am looking forward to two young, ambitious people from Serbia at this global gathering, giving them opportunity to share their ideas on how digital connectivity can improve the life of individuals and whole communities” says Sandra Štajner, CCHRO in Telenor.
Last year two students from Serbia took part in the Summit for the first time, within which they also attended the Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony. 

“I went to the Summit with the idea on raising the awareness on recycling among the young, in an entertaining way, because they are the key in the solution of environmental problems. During my stay in Oslo I met my peers from all over the world, with whom I kept contact to this very day, as well as new cultures. Also, my view of the role of mobile technologies in today’s world acquired a new perspective”, said Petar Korda, student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and a participant in the previous Summit.
The recommendations that the young addressed to the telecommunications industry in the form of a ’digital bouquet of ideas’ Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO of Telenor Group, presented at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The host of the Youth Summit is Telenor Group, in cooperation with Nobel Peace Centre. Those interested can find more information on the pending conference on the Internet page Telenor Youth Summit, opened Facebook group and official site ofTelenor Serbia.