Telenor Internet Park Opened In Subotica

Free Internet in the next two years

July 12, 2011 – Owing to Telenor, citizens of Subotica have the free Internet in the Park with the Blue Fountain as of today. In the next two years, the Park visitors can spend time outdoors by searching the Internet or reading e-mails at their computers, mobile phones or tablets.
The outdoor Internet is a concept applied in most European cities and I am glad that we, in cooperation with Telenor, have provided out citizens with that opportunity for the second time. In that manner, we have made another important step towards our urban development,” says Saša Vučinić, Subotica Mayor.  
As a leader in the area of communications and broadband Internet in Serbia, we wish to provide high-quality and fast Internet connection to as many citizens as possible. ICT literacy is one of the indicators of a rate of growth of modern society. We will continue with successful cooperation with cities in order to provide the free Internet to as many people as possible,” says Đorđe Milošević, Head of the Team for Relations with Government Institutions in Telenor.
In June 2008, Serbia got its first Internet Park, in the Student Park in Belgrade. Since then, 27 Internet Parks have been opened across Serbia.
In addition to the introduction of the first Internet Park in Subotica, Telenor has reconstructed its whole network in Vojvodina. The northern part of Serbia is the first with the fastest network in the country, with a data transfer speed of up to 21 Mb/s. Telenor, still the largest individual foreign investor in the country, continues with large-scale capital investments and provides the network which will be ready for services and devices of the future. After Vojvodina, the network will gradually be renovated in other parts of the country as well.