Telenor expands in CEE region

Belgrade, October 1 - Telenor is expanding its business in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region and has launched Telenor Common Operations Ltd. on 1 October. It is a new shared service centre that provides technology services for companies within Telenor Europe.

The new company, Telenor Common Operation Ltd., is established with the aim to increase customer quality and efficiently share the technical expertise and resources of the three CEE Telenor subsidiaries. 
Built on the high quality competences available in the region, the cross-border cooperation among Telenor subsidiaries in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro can draw on regional synergies, best practices and can offer cost-efficient solutions. The new shared service center is expected to serve as a foundation for utilizing future synergies, maintaining and growing competencies.
“Telenor is in the forefront of utilizing cross-border cooperation and further opportunities will be investigated in the future to leverage scale on a wider European level,” says Øystein Mikkelsen, Managing Director of Telenor Common Operation. The new company will build on the strong competences available in Telenor Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. “These three Telenor Business Units possess good competence” says Mikkelsen “and a long experience in providing high quality telecom and IT services.” 
Øystein Mikkelsen, Managing Director of Telenor Common Operation

Ove Fredheim, CEO of Telenor Serbia stated that this is an important milestone in further positioning of Telenor on the regional market: "We believe that CEE region has the potential and want to further improve the quality and scale of our services in order to ensure better customer experience in Serbia and the region.“
Telenor Common Operations Ltd. will offer a new type of service in the CEE telecommunications market. The company will have operations in Telenor Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary, but will be based in Hungary. The company has 450 employees and integrates the IT, network maintenance and management units and data centers in all three countries in the region. It will also provide similar services to other Telenor affiliates.
Ove Fredheim,
CEO of Telenor Serbia