Telenor Calendar for 2011 presented

Calendar has unlimited circulation in electronic and mobile version  

December 16, 2010 – The fourth Telenor calendar is titled “12 Codes” this year and represents online identities of 23 young Serbian artists. It links the existence in the real and digital world, where people increasingly communicate, work and live on a daily basis, and where the artistic scene has moved as well.
“Visual identities of the artists presented in the calendar are called codes, a term borrowed from the world of technology. We worked together on presenting those codes through photos, in a manner in which the artists wished to be seen by others. I am glad that Telenor has recognised the language which modern culture uses in new media,” says Igor Milovanović, Art Director of the calendar.  

The artists presented at the calendar include a photographer, a choreographer, a psychologist, a ceramicist, a film director, a graphic designer, a graffiti and mural artist, an architect, and a playwright, who wish to be seen by others as Alice in Wonderland, partisans Mirko and Slavko, Talented Mr Ripley, Pissarro, a seventies’ hippie band, a pin-up girl, precision mechanics, a dreamer, a scout, brides, invisible people, and serious-jovial. Upon the expiration of each month, owners will have a limited series poster left in their possession.  

“Both telecommunications and art reduce distance and get people closer, and that is a simple explanation why Telenor monitors and explores developments on the artistic scene. That is why we have for four years been supporting projects through which we help artists reach the leading artistic trends,” says Sandra Štajner, Chief Communications Officer in Telenor.
In addition to printed version, this year the calendar also has its electronic version: webpage, widget, and mobile version, which makes it available to the general public at Telenor site and WAP portal. Unlimited circulation of this year’s calendar focuses attention on new opportunities of the existence of art in the virtual space and its availability.
Biographies of the participants can also be downloaded by sending a free SMS message to 6363.
The first calendar, “Challenge the Wall”, of Aleksandar Maćašev,represented a reproduction of 12 best works from the reward contest for the design of Telenor wallpapers. The calendar for 2009, “New Face of the City”, of Igor Oršolić, included projects through which the Telenor Foundation supported painting of murals in cities of Serbia. The calendar for 2010, “TURN AND GO!”, reflected the company’s efforts in the area of environmental protection, and was designed as a joint work of architects from the “od-do“ group, with 12 green circles designed to remind of the wealth of nature. 
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