Telenor Behind World's First in-flight Mobile Phone Calls

Fornebu, 25 March 2008 - The world's first authorised in-flight mobile phone calls on a commercial flight has taken place, following the successful introduction of the AeroMobile system by Emirates Airline. AeroMobile is a joint venture between Telenor and ARINC, and is the result of a research and innovation project in Telenor.
This marks the start of regular use of mobile telephony and data services onboard airplanes. Field studies and market research clearly show that there is strong interest in in-flight mobile communications among passengers, particularly among business travelers and frequent flyers, but also by leisure travelers. 
AeroMobile's solutions allow passengers the convenience of safe use of their personal mobile phones during flights exactly as they do on the ground. Calls are conveniently billed directly to passengers' existing mobile phone accounts as international roaming calls.
"Most people appreciate the ability to communicate in all situations, also when flying. In addition to operating world-class mobile services in twelve countries, Telenor has extensive experience from satellite-based communications, which is one of the basic elements of mobile communications on board ships and aircrafts. AeroMobile is a natural extension of Telenor's mobile service offering, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this emerging market through AeroMobile," said Bjarne Aamodt, Senior Vice President in Telenor and Chairman of the Board of AeroMobile.
The first calls took place on Emirates flight EK751 flying between Dubai and Casablanca on on 20 March, following the granting of full approval from all relevant aviation authorities.

AeroMobile Limited is a UK-based company owned by Telenor ASA and ARINC Inc. In response to market demands, the company has been pursuing the objective of enabling safe use of passengers' own mobile phones and PDAs since 2003. AeroMobile provides a complete solution to airlines and aircraft operators who wish to offer in-flight mobile (cellular) communications services to their passengers and staff. AeroMobile is the first in-flight mobile communications technology to be commercially available. The AeroMobile system interfaces with existing or future aircraft-to-ground communications systems and is designed to be fully compliant with applicable aircraft certification/airworthiness requirements and ground telecommunications regulatory requirements. More information is available on