Telenor Becomes General Sponsor of Serbian Olympic Team

October 11, 2007 – The Olympic Committee of Serbia and Telenor d.o.o. today officially signed the Agreement on the General Sponsorship of the Serbian Olympic Team, which will represent our country at the 29th Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, in 2008. Telenor has thus become the official telecommunications provider for the national Olympic team.

The agreement was signed by OCS President Ivan Ćurković and Telenor d.o.o. CEO Stein-Erik Vellan.
“The Olympic pool got another, very important partner on the path to the Olympic games. With its presence in the Serbian Olympic family Telenor will enable our athletes to reach peak form by the Beijing Games, and represent our country at the greatest sporting event of the third millennium. I am convinced that the cooperation between Telenor and the Olympic Committee of Serbia will be an example of good practice and professional relationship, and that with a common strategy we will build a better road for all Olympic athletes for the 2008 Games, but also to Vancouver in 2010 and London in 2012“, said Ćurković.

In addition to being the general sponsor of the Olympic team, Telenor decided to individually support in their preparations eight gifted athletes who had already qualified for Beijing: swimmers Milorad Čavić and Čaba Silađi, track and field athletes Dragana Tomašević and Luka Rujević, rowers Nikola Stojić and Goran Jagar, wrestler Kristijan Firs, and riflery champion Lidija Mihajlović. They will each receive RSD 80,000 per month from Telenor until the beginning of the Games.

“I hope that the fact that this agreement is being signed by a football and basketball player, although both former, is a guarantee for a successful cooperation between Telenor and the Olympic Committee in this joint undertaking, and what is more important – a prelude to the successes of Serbian athletes in Beijing next year. Telenor took up this sponsorship in good faith and believing that we are supporting something that is truly important for Serbia and its citizens, and that is the promotion of sports and athleticism in the spirit of the Olympic values: respect, friendship and excellence, which are so much in line with our own values: to be respectful, keep promises and be inspiring,” Vellan said.

The team that will travel to the Games in Beijing in 2008 will have more than 150 athletes from a dozen sports.
The last time that Serbia took part in the Olympic Games as an independent state was in Stockholm in 1912. Back then the Kingdom of Serbia was represented by two athletes, a sprinter and a marathon runner. Apart from the Government, they were sponsored by the Serbian Tramway Society.