Telenor awarding 100 authors of the most beautiful New Year’s photos of two

Facebook competition “Win free calls with your favourite person”

December 26, 2013 – One hundred most beautiful new Year’s photos of two people will be awarded at the competition “Win free calls with your favourite person”. These free calls for the entire year will go to 50 postpaid participants, whereas 50 participants-owners of prepaid numbers will have the service “Favourite number” activated for 30 days.
During New Year festivities, all interested Telenor customers need to take their photo in the New Year atmosphere in the company of their favourite person they want to talk to free of charge. Then they should post this photo with an accompanying description on Telenor Facebook page so that it is publicly visible. After that, participants should send as a private message their name, surname and mobile phone number to which they want the award to be presented.
Photos should be sent from December 31, 18:00 h till January 3, 2014 at 23:59 h. Participants can send only one photo showing two persons, no more, no less.
The offers “Free for two” and the “Favourite number” are part of Telenor holiday offer. Everyone who within this offer buys a phone till the end of January 2014 can select a favourite number with which to talk free of charge the entire next year, and on top of it will get a 10,000 dinars worth discount voucher for the new phone they can present their dear ones with. Prepaid users who buy a new prepaid card can talk 30 days free of charge with their favourite number.


  1. These rules and terms for the participation in the New-Year’s prize photo competition (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) shall regulate rules and terms of the prize competition organised by Telenor d.o.o. Belgrade, Omladinskih brigada No. 90 (hereinafter referred to as Telenor), which will last from December 31, 2013 at 18:00 h up till January 03, 2014, at 23:59 h (hereinafter referred to as the competition). The competition will be carried out via Facebook social network/service (hereinafter referred to as Facebook) and Telenor Facebook page at the address (hereinafter referred to as Telenor Facebook account).
  2. Persons of age with registered prepaid or postpaid number in public mobile communications network of Telenor d.o.o. Beograd (hereinafter referred to as participants) can participate in the competition.
  3. In order to become eligible to participate in the competition the participants need to send a photo made during the celebration of the New Year’s festivities, showing them and their dear one with whom they would like to talk for free (hereinafter referred to as the photo ). In case a participant and his/her favourite person are unable to have a photo of them taken together, the participant can edit the photo of himself/herself and his/her dear one and send such a creation to the competition. The participant shall guarantee that he/she has all necessary approvals/agreements of the person on the photo, especially as regards the processing of personal data. The participant shall guarantee that he/she also holds all copyrights and related rights over the photo, and that he/she will indemnify Telenor against all third party claims for the violation of copyrights and related rights, i.e. lack of the person’s consent.
  4. When sending the photo, the participants shall be under the obligation to supply Telenor with their basic data which will make it possible for Telenor to contact the participants in case of winning the competition so as to present them with the prize. The participants must be citizens of the Republic of Serbia of age. If a participant who won the competition, in a way and under the terms specified herein, is not a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, Telenor shall be entitled to refuse to present the prize.
  5. One participant can send one valid photo, at most (a valid photo shall imply a photo meeting all the terms from item 3 hereof) during the entire competition, except if the participant’s photo has been disqualified within the meaning of item 6, hereof. Should a participant send more photos, only the photo first sent by the participant shall be taken into account. The participants can send photos till January 03, 2014, at 23:59 h, at the latest.
  6. A participant shall be under the obligation to post the photo at Telenor Facebook page so that it’s publicly visible, as well as to write the accompanying description. In addition, a participant must send as a private Facebook message his/her name and surname, as well as mobile phone number to which he/she wants the prize to be handed over. The participant must send the private message with required data during the period of competition, i.e. till January 03, 2014 at 23: 59 h, at the latest.
  7. Photos showing only one person, photos with more than two persons, photos with offensive / indecent contents, photos with no accompanying description, as well as photos whose author failed to send the private message with the required data, within the meaning of item 6, hereof, shall not be taken into consideration for the selection of the competition winner, i.e. in the mentioned cases the photo shall be disqualified. A participant shall be entitled to send another photo and thus participate in the competition.
  8. After the receipt of photos is concluded, Telenor will award authors, owners of first 50 prepaid and owners of first 50 postpaid numbers. If the number of sent photos exceeds this number, altogether 100 most original photos, selected by an expert jury consisting of Telenor employees, will be awarded. The awarded authors, owners of postpaid numbers will have the service “Free for two” activated and owners of prepaid numbers will have the service “Free for two” activated for 30 days. Names of prize winning authors will be published by January 10 at 17.00 h, at the latest, on the social network Facebook.  
  9. For all information regarding the registration of prepaid numbers the participants have at their disposal number 063/9000.
  10. Rules and terms of participation in this prize competition will be published at the Internet site
  11. In case of competition interruption or change in the date of its implementation, due to circumstances beyond the organiser’s control, the participants and the public will be informed via Telenor Facebook account and portal specified in item 10, hereof.
  12. Telenor employees, members of their immediate family (where the spouse and children are considered to be immediate family members) and persons participating in the implementation of the competition shall have no right to participate in the competition.
  13. The participants agree for Telenor to have the right of publishing in its communications channels all photos that participated in the competition.
  14. The participants accept the jurisdiction of a court in Belgrade in case of dispute.