Telenor applying environmental protection standards

Company recycled more than 90% of waste, saved more than 10,000 litres of fuel and reduces electric energy consumption on a daily basis

March 14, 2012 – Telenor is the first telecom operator in Serbia to be granted the Certificate for the environmental management system. The formal certificate presentation ceremony represents the official recognition of the company’s long-term commitment to environmental protection.

Telenor has been applying ISO 14001:2004 standard or the Environmental Management System since 2010 so as to reduce the influence of its business activities on the environment. This system applies to the entire company, all its activities, products and services, as well as all facilities which have indirect or direct influence on the environment.

“Although compared to other companies Telenor is not a major pollutant, we have introduced the Environmental Management System which helped us reduce our negative influence on the environment in which we operate. In 2011, we recycled almost 90% of waste we generate, saved over 10,000 litres of fuel for company cars compared to 2010 and also reduced electric energy consumption. By our example and work, we want to draw the attention to this crucial issue which, if disregarded, could have serious repercussions on people’s lives and health”, says Maja Neable, Telenor CHRO.

Presentation of the certificate – commitment to environmental protection
“With its systemic approach in the environmental sector Telenor is ranking prominently among socially responsible companies, committed to constant improvement and prevention of environmental pollution, although not being legally bound to apply ISO standard 14001:2004, says Marinko Ukropina, Managing Director of SGS Beograd d.o.o.

From the very start of its business operations in Serbia, Telenor has launched and supported numerous environmental projects, including mobile phones recycling, when more than 75,000 phones were recycled (i.e. cca. 8 tons of materials), the construction of the first ecological base station which combines solar and wind energy and the opening of the Eco Park near Nebojša Tower.

By promoting digital exchange of information and with its constant development of innovative solutions for its users, Telenor is greatly contributing to energy savings and environmental protection. Services such as PlatiMo, which enables payments by mobile phone, as well as the service of monthly bill delivery, i.e. E- bill, to your e-mail address, are just some of the solutions that enable our users to reduce their influence on the environment in which they live.