Telenor and OCS donate Olympic clock to Belgrade

The Clock will count down the time until the beginning of the Olympic Games in London

March 04, 2012 – In cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Telenor donated the Olympic Clock to Belgrade for the countdown to the Olympic Games in London. The Olympic Clock is located across from the hotel Moskva, where in 1910 the founding assembly of the Serbian Olympic Club was established.

The Olympic Clock, designed by artist Petar Mirkovic, is in the shape of a twisted ribbon. The sculpture embodies the spirit of the Olympic Games and every athlete’s dreams in its form, as it seems to be growing out of the ground, striving upwards, defying the laws of physics.

“The clock marks more than a century of Olympic history in Serbia. Cooperation with the Olympic Committee entails joint support for Serbian athletes in their preparations for the main competition. They are the best ambassadors of Serbia and we wish to be part of good things that motivate young people to develop in the spirit of the Olympic values,” says Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Telenor CEO.

Together to London 2012: Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Telenor CEO, Dragan Đilas, Mayor of Belgrade and Vlade Divac, OCS President with the artist Petar Mirković.


Vlade Divac, President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Kjell-Morten Johnsen, CEO of Telenor, the main sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, and Dragan Djilas, Belgrade Mayor, jointly unveiled the Olympic Clock today.

“I would like to express exceptional gratitude to Telenor for its support to our athletes and our Olympic Committee for five years already. We really appreciate their support and hope to achieve the best results ever at the forthcoming Olympics. The City of Belgrade also supports the Olympic Committee through its own programmes, by assisting the athletes from Belgrade to represent our city at the Olympic Games - the ultimate sports competition, and a great place to promote Serbia in the best possible way. What makes this day very special and different is the gift that Telenor donated to our city and this celebration. I am certain that this clock will function exceptionally and make our city more beautiful," said Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia will mark in London the 100th anniversary of participation in the Olympic Games.

“This Clock will remind all our citizens of the world’s largest and most prestigious sports competition, emphasizing the role that Telenor plays as our partner in promoting Olympic values and supporting the athletes. We have been together on that path since 2007, and Telenor has helped us improve conditions for our athletes,” says Vlade Divac.

Telenor provides backing for the Olympic Committee of Serbia for the second consecutive year. Its main goal in donating the Olympic Clock to the city of Belgrade is to reaffirm athletic and Olympic values, such as respect, fairplay and the competitive spirit.