Telenor All You Can Eat music

Unlimited access to the largest digital music database at the Balkans

February 09, 2009 – A quarter of a million of songs from all genres, with no limitations, are available to Telenor users for a monthly subscription lower than a price of a locally produced CD.

Songs from various genres – from alternative, ethno, pop, rock, Latino, metal, instrumentals, classic, country, dance, rap, to domestic pop and folk – can be downloaded from Telenor WAP portal.

All Telenor subscribers who pay a monthly subscription of RSD460 by March 31 will get an additional month of free downloading of songs from the largest digital music database at the Balkans.

“Telenor is the first mobile operator in Serbia and one of 13 companies within Telenor Group that launched this service. It is a privilege to be the only company at our market with such a vast music offer. I hope that this unique music offer will expand limits in mobile entertainment,” says Goran Stupar, the Media Coordinator in Telenor.

“Telenor No Limit Music” can be activated in several manners: through direct access to Telenor Music WAP portal,, choosing an option “No Limit”, and then “Subscribe”, to confirm the activation; by sending a text message with “NOLIMIT” text to 6363, after which a subscriber receives a message with a link to WAP page where the activation is to be confirmed, or by toll-free dialing of the Call Centre at *111# and selecting the “NOLIMIT” option, after which a text message with a link to WAP page for the activation confirmation is received.

This service is supported by phones with an option of data transfer through GPRS connection and WAP portal access. The subscription is RSD460 plus VAT for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, while data transfer is free of charge in Telenor network in Serbia. The offer is valid 30 days after the date of activation, and then a whole procedure should be repeated. The amount of RSD460 is charged immediately for prepaid subscribers and through the first following bill for postpaid ones.

All music contents have DRM protection, and with this and similar campaigns, Telenor additionally contributes to the fight against piracy. For two years now, the company has been cooperating with the Organisation for Music Copyright Protection – SOKOJ - thus actively participating in copyright protection.

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