Smart Caravan: Excellent signal coverage

Telenor’s Caravan recorded data download speeds exceeding 15 Mbps in almost towns from Subotica to Vranje
March 11, 2013 – After more than 1,300km, nine cities visited, as well as numerous small towns and villages, the Smart Caravan recorded highest data download speeds in Vojvodina and Central Serbia, ranging from maximum 30 and 27 Mbps in Smederevo and Kruševac, to 21 Mbps in Subotica and 27 Mbps in Bečej.
In order to measure Smart Network signal coverage and communicate with users via social networks, Smart Caravan team members relied on modems and devices available in the regular Telenor’s offer - HSPA+ 42Mbps modem, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.
"I would like to highlight our experience with the Smart Network on the roads in small towns and on the highway where we sometimes recorded unbelievable speeds. The “fastest” section spread between Novi Bečej and Vrbas via Srbobran where we recorded 29 Mbps upon download. On the other hand when we, for example, opened YouTube pages, listened to the music purchased via the Telenor Dezeer service and posted images to social networks in the vicinity of Titel near Lok village, our experience was identical to the experience we would have while doing the same from our office computers”, IT journalist and member of the Caravan Jovana MIlićević explains.
The chart of recorded speeds per town (the first and the second column include data download speeds whereas the third and the fourth include data upload speeds)
City App Troughput DL App Troughput UL
Maximum (kbps) Average (kbps) Maximum (kbps) Average (kbps)
Subotica 20955,08 8192,68 3014,66 1346,25
Vrbas 27205,66 17354,45 3342,34 1803,83
Novi Sad 15935,62 7587,42 3211,26 1759,09
Novi Bečej 27042,21 17681,49 3965,28 2364,35
Smederevo 30746,06 15095,46 3473,41 1570,49
Kruševac 27343,12 16437,45 27,46 1,07
Niš 8242,26 3168,33 2128,27 502,5
Leskovac 12847,1 7593,2 2904,16 1452,9
Vranje 13404,7 8138,22 3981,7 2422,96
During the Caravan, the team met bloggers and Internet activists in all towns they visited in order to learn about their experience with the Smart Network and get to know users engaged in positive and good Smart Network- related activities. Olivera Jović, the owner of Informacione tehnologije company and the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Leksovac organised a workshop for the Kolo Srpskih Sestara association in a church without the Internet and, on that occasion, prepared a WiFi hotspot via Smart Network, which brought more than positive results.
Smart Caravan team members communicated with users via social networks and invited them to inform them about any signal-related problem. Three users said that they did not have signal coverage near Jelašnica village, the consequence of the unfavourable terrain configuration. This issue will be solved in the next couple of months, when the Caravan plans to visit its users in Jelašnica village once again.
Images, video clips and reports from the Smart Caravan are available on Telenor’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as web pages of our partners: PC Press, Benchmark and ITTV produkcija at The Caravan’s diary will be available at and published in Kontakt magazine’s next issue.
The second phase of the Smart Caravan has been scheduled for end March, and the information regarding towns the Caravan plans to visit will be available on Telenor’s website later on. In the second phase, Telenor has prepared valuable prizes for its users, as well as presentation of devices and services within the Smart Workshops, where the visitors will select topics they would like to hear about on the occasion on their own.