Second socializing with Serbian olympic athletes

May 10, 2012 – The Serbian Olympic Committee and Telenor, the grand sponsor of the Serbian Olympic Team organised the second socialising of Olympic athletes who will represent our country at the London Olympics and media representatives.

Swimmer Ivan Lenđer, wrestler Aleksandar Maksimović, table tennis players Aleksandar Karakašević and Marko Jevtović, taekwondo athlete Milica Mandić, kayakers Aleksandar Aleksić, Ervin Holpert, Dejan Terzić, Milenko Zorić and  Serbian national team player in shooting Andrea Arsović discussed their plans ahead of the Olympics, their preparations and competitions as well as other not so much sports-related topics.

The Head of Serbian London Mission Prof. Branislav Jevtić, PhD discussed the Mission’s preparations for the trip to London and the remaining qualifications with media representatives. One behalf of Telenor company, Telenor Chief Marketing Officer Marek Slacik welcomed Serbian Olympic athletes and representatives of media outlets.

The Serbian team currently has 84 athletes, whereas 22 athletes, Serbia’s representatives in four new sports disciplines joined the team since the previous socializing with Olympic athletes that took place on March 29. In the meantime, the Serbian Olympic team has welcomed table tennis players  Aleksandar Karakašević and Marko Jevtović, judo athlete Dmitri Gerasimenko, wrestler Aleksandar Maksimović, marathon runners Ana Subotić and Darko Živanović, and, after 12 years, the men’s handball team as well.

The last athletes to join the Olympic team were kayakers Renata Kubik and Marta Tibor competing in K2 500 m.

According to the International Canoe Federation’s (ICF) official statement sent to the Serbian Kayak Federation, the International Canoe Federation has annulled the competition in Oceania and granted the Olympic quota to the second best ranked Federation at the World Championship – Serbia. With Renata and Marta, as many as 11 men and female kayak athletes will be representing Serbia at the London Olympic Games.

Qualifications procedures for the Olympics are still under way. In May, rowers and kayakers will have another chance to qualify for the Olympics. The women’s volleyball team missed their first opportunity in May,  but they will have another one at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Japan on May 19. The European Volleyball Qualification Tournament for men is now in progress but in case they missed this chance, our volleyball players will have another one at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament at the beginning of June. Table tennis players are to participate at the World Qualification Tournament in Doha, which will be their last opportunity to reinforce their team at the Olympics. Swimmers will compete to obtain new or improve their old Olympic quota at the European Championships in May whilst the athletes will have an opportunity to do the same in June.
The socializing of Olympic athletes and journalists is another joint campaign of the Serbian Olympic Committee and Telenor organised with an aim to additionally support and promote athletes, to bring them closer to the public in order to create the right atmosphere ahead of the biggest sporting event.

The Olympic Clock Telenor company set across the Hotel Moskva in cooperation with the Serbian Olympic Committee is counting down 78 more days before the Olympic Games in London and commencement of greatest challenges for all athletes in this year.