Save the date for Telenor Survival Race

The seventh Survival Race to take place on October 2 and 3

Once again this year, Wild Serbia is organizing one of the biggest adventures in our country – Telenor Survival Race (Telenor Trka preživljavanja). The contestants will be pushing themselves to their very limits in three categories: Survival, Adventure, and Family. The Adventure contestants will for the first time be allowed to use their mobile phones and the Web, which will help them to overcome the challenges during the race. By using Telenor’s Smart Network and fast internet, on the race route yet to be announced, the participants will be able to orient themselves, find useful tips, as well as share their experiences on social media.

The Survival Race is intended for all who believe they are mentally and physically prepared for the challenge and wish to get to know out-of-the-way parts of Serbia, escaping the city life routine. The international race attracts numerous participants from several countries and every year takes place in different part of Serbia.
The exact location of the Telenor Survival Race will be announced seven days before the event, on Friday, September 25, at, where more information can already be found about the race, categories, and signing up. The participants can register by September 25.
  • The Survival category represents a challenge intended for the fittest of the contestants. Teams made up of two to four members will be competing on a 60+ kilometers trail, and they will be provided with kits consisting of a map, fire starter, knife, half-liter water bottle, alongside the clothes they arrive in.
  • In the Adventure category, the participants will get a chance to demonstrate their skills in finding food and making shelter, in addition to their stamina. The trail is 35 kilometers long, and the rules of the race and the allowed equipment are the same as for the Survival category, with the additional option to use smartphones thanks to the good coverage and fast internet by Telenor Smart Network.
  • In the Family category, parents can take their kids for a real adventure intended for children aged five or over.
The winner will be the team with the highest score, with points awarded for the lap time, started fire, constructed shelter, collected food, and successfully solved special assignments. Telenor has prepared a special award for the Adventure category team for additional assignments that will involve using smartphones.