Reproductions of invaluable artworks in Belgrade downtown

Art Tour – Open-air gallery

July 04, 2011 - Knez Mihаilovа Street and surrounding streets will be open-air galleries where passers-by can see reproductions of 33 artworks of the National Museum within the Art Tour project at facades of buildings, from today until September 30.

Owing to cooperation of the National Museum, the Municipality of Stаri grаd and Hewlett-Packard and Telenor, under the auspices of Princess Jelisаveta Kаrаđorđević, a collection which has for long not been available to the public will be exhibited. The reproductions have been designed using the latest printing technology in the area of large print formats of Hewlett-Packard which provides an opportunity for highest-quality reproduction of masterpieces.

The downtown facades exhibit works of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Piere-Auguste Renoir, Matisse and Pablo Picasso and local authors Kаtаrina Ivаnović, Pаja Jovаnović, Nаdežda Petrović, Jovаn Bjelić, Sаva Šumаnović and Milena Bаrili.

Telenor has provided an audio guide through the exhibition which starts with the “Tahitian Woman” (National Museum building, facade in Čikа Ljubina Street), lasts 42 minutes and ends with the “In a Park” by Camille Corot at the beginning of Knez Mihаilova Street. Visitors can learn more about the paintings by dialling 9840 (for Telenor network subscribers) or 063 9840 (for subscribers of other networks). Calls are free of charge for Telenor subscribers, who can also obtain information by sending a free text message with the text “Delo hh” (type in the number from the legend of a painting instead of hh)” to 9840. Calls from other networks are charged in line with the operator’s valid pricelist.

“The experience of cooperation of leading companies with world museums represents a starting point for the implementation of the “Art Tour” project. We are glad that we can present a small segment of the heritage of the National Museum in such an interesting manner and invite all citizens to take a walk along Belgrade streets and design their own “Art Tour”. During the open-air exhibition, all visitors can purchase reproductions of the exhibited masterpieces in the National Museum,” said Tаtjаnа Cvjetićаnin, Manager of the National Museum.

For more information on the “Art Tour” and the exhibited works, please visit, as well as adjusted for mobile phone use.

Grand Tour

The “Art Tour” is a modern version of the “Grand Tour” which provides an opportunity for a direct contact between artworks and passers-by on Belgrade streets. From the 17th until the 20th century, the “Grand Tour” was part of classical education aimed at learning about other cultures and expanding one’s own views.