Raška municipality Youth Club opened

Youth from Raška and its surroundings got appropriate space for education purposes and the Internet Club

October 29, 2013 – The young people from the municipality of Raška and its surroundings got their first Youth Club, with an Internet Club within it. The Youth Club will work as the integral part of the Youth Office of Raška Municipality with the aim of strengthening the capacities of the young to more actively participate in the community and for networking of local protagonists who deal with the problems of youth.
The project has been implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, Raška Municipality and Telenor Foundation.
“The Youth Club is opening its doors to our young citizens and promotes activities that contribute to their personal, as well as the development of the community, and thanks to Telenor Foundation we also got internet access, which is an endless source of information. Equipping of this space means support to the young people of the Municipality of Raška, but also of other surrounding municipalities, such as Novi Pazar, Leposavić and Kosovska Mitrovica, so that we can say that the project is of regional importance”, says Jovan Čorbić, President of Raška Municipality.

The space has been renovated and equipped and Telenor Foundation has provided four laptops and quick internet for the Internet Club.
“I am glad that after Požega, Loznica and Priboj, we have opened the Internet Club in Raška, and over our Smart Network enabled the young people all over Serbia access to the internet. Our objective is also to initiate activism and creativity of the young in local communities by promoting communications technologies. Investing in young and talented people is one of the main commitments of the Foundation. We believe that the young are our future”, said Ivana Matijević, Telenor Foundation manager.
In the coming months a series of educational workshops of informal character on the subject of volunteerism, youth activism, project proposal writing, as well as computer trainings will be held within the Youth Club of Raška Municipality.