Project ”Meeting with Customers” first time in Serbia

Meeting between multinational companies and domestic small and medium-size companies

September 7, 2007 - „A meeting with customers” is a concept that simplifies relations between customers (multinational companies) and potential suppliers (domestic small and medium-size companies). Through series of individual meetings held in a day and at one place, customers and potential suppliers have paved the way to cooperation, mutually saving resources, time and efforts.
Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) has organised for the first time in Serbia the ”Meeting with Customers” in EXPO XXI Centre in Belgrade. Fifteen multinational companies with successful operations in Serbia, including  Coca Cola, Telenor, Ball Packaging, Gorenje, Siemens, British American Tobacco and many other took a part in the event. These companies met representatives of over 100 Serbian small and medium-size companies from the food, automobile, chemical, wood processing, metal processing, and printing industries, as well as rubber and plastic processing industry. Mrs. Jasna Matić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Serbian Government formally opened this event.
Mr. Morten Kristiansen, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, made a speech on behalf of Telenor and emphasized that this was, in the first place,  an extraordinary opportunity for making good business contacts and sharing business experience. „On one hand Telenor must, like other foreign companies, rely primarily on domestic production because by engaging domestic companies we shall gain the resources we need for our high-quality business operations to be carreid out in a faster way and under more favourable conditions” Mr. Kristiansen said. „ On the other hand this stimulates development of domestic knowledge and adoption of new technologies and standards, which shall encourage the overall economic competitiveness“ Mr. Kristiansen concluded.

"This year SIEPA is the initiator of this important event with a wish to make it a tradition. The goal of the meeting is to increase competitiveness of local small and medium-size companies. However, in this way we shall present, both to foreign companies and  potential new investors, domestic offer of products and services, which can be obtained at lower prices and under better delivery terms. Acting in this way, we shall promote not only integration of foreign and domestic companies, but new job openings, share experiences,  knowledge and indirectly, positively impact gross national income and reduction of trade deficit”, pointed out  Mrs.Vesna Perić, SIEPA Director.