Prizes „Profesor dr Ilija Stojanović” Awarded

Telenor Foundation awarded the best students of the telecommunication departments of the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, as well as the authors of the best students’ and professional (expert) works

14th December 2013 – For the seventh year in a row, Telenor Foundation traditionally awards prizes „Prof. dr Ilija Stojanović“ to the best Bachelors of Science of the Telecommunication Departments, the authors of the students’ works of the TELFOR 2013 conference, as well as to the author of the best professional (expert) work, published in an international magazine.
The awarding was held during the Academy Ceremony, on occasion celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, and on behalf of the Telenor Foundation, the awards were presented by Pjer Vučković, Manager for Technology Strategy and Financial Planning of the Telenor company.
The best Bachelors of Science for the year 2012/2013 are Aleksandar Stanić from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Oskar Marko from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and Ana Aleksić from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. As a sign of recognition of their success, Telenor Foundation awarded each of them with prize money in amount of 1.000 EUR, tablet computers Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and unlimited internet access for a period of one year.

The awarded students’ works of the TELFOR conference are “Small Balanced Antennas for Bluetooth Applications“ by Sava Grković from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, “Realization of the Wireless Data Transfer From Mobile Phone to the Screen of Car Information System” by  Predrag Igrić from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and “Quality Calculation of Directed Radion Links on Relation Ripiter-Base Station in UMTS Networks” by  Ivana Marković from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. 

The award for the best professional (expert) work published in an international magazine was presented to Bojan Dimitrijević,  Zorica Nikolić and Nenad Milošević for „Performance Improvement of MDPSK Signal Reception in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset”.

“The students whom we paid tribute today will be leaders in the telecommunication sector tomorrow. By investing in them, we assist in their further specialization and give contribution to development of the biggest potential of our country, which are educated young people,” says Pjer Vučković from Telenor.

The award is named after prof. Ph.D Ilija Stojanović as a memorial, who was the telecommunication pioneer of Serbia and of the area of the former SFRY.

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, prof. Ph.D Branko Kovačević says: “Ilija Stojanović was a founder and the Chief of Department of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for period of two decades, and by this award, his heritage continues to live through young and successful people in Serbia. I am glad that Telenor, as one of the leaders in the area of telecommunications, has recognized the significance of investment in our students and I am glad that we have cooperation with the company which can offer them what they mostly lack after the studies – practical work and work in own profession.“