Price change for additional services for Telenor customers

February 15, 2014 – Due to the rise in purchase prices, negative foreign exchange fluctuations and additional administrative costs, as of March 15, 2014 prices of the following additional services provided by Telenor will be changed:
  • The price of SIM card replacement for all users who demand this service in Telenor shops, will be increased from 203.4 dinars to 250.00 dinars.
  • The new price of a talk with a Telenor Contact Centre operator will be fixed 15.00 dinars, instead of present 10.00 dinars per call, irrespective of the call length, equally for prepaid and postpaid numbers.
  • The price of special numbers will be changed for all customers. Silver numbers will cost 1,500.00 dinars instead of 1,200.00. Gold numbers will cost 5,000 dinars instead of hitherto 4,800.00 dinars, and the price of Platinum numbers will be 50,000.00 instead of present 48,000.
  • For all postpaid users, home address delivery of replaced SIM card will cost 490.00 dinars instead of present 331.87 dinars.
  • The price of calls to the so called short codes: Public phonebook of Telenor network, Time (195) and Public phonebook of Telekom network will be 29.00 dinars per call instead of present 25.00 dinars.
  • The price of MMS message for all customers will be increased from 12.00 to 15.00 dinars.
  • The price of call to Telenor Infobox – information lines (horoscope, the joke of the day) will be 15.00 instead of the valid 10.00 dinars.
As of April 1, 2014, prices of the following additional services provided by Telenor will be changed:
  • The price of activation after suspension of outgoing and incoming traffic has been increased from 254.24 dinars to 290.00 dinars for all postpaid customers.
  • The price of issuing and activating SIM card has been increased from 200.00 to 290.00 dinars for all postpaid customers.
Also, for the reasons mentioned, as of April 1, 2014, Telenor will start charging the costs of ownership assignment of postpaid numbers, i.e. card in Telenor network and that service will cost 290.00 dinars.
All given prices are shown with VAT included.
 The payment mode for the above specified services will remain unchanged for all users.