Presentation of HTC ONE X in Telenor

April 17, 2012 – HTC One X smart phone is available in Telenor with “Prenesi i surfuj” plans. Owing to Telenor Smart Network fully functioning with HSDPA+ technology and speeds ranging between 4 and 8 megabytes per second, the user will have an opportunity to use this phone to its full potential.

HTC One X operates with Android 4.0 platform and contains HTC Sense 4. The updated HTC Image Sense version enables top-quality photographs and video material at maximum speed, regardless of light and recording conditions. The user can also take photographs and record video files at the same time, and even to turn video files into photographs.

HTC Sense 4 contains Beats by Dr. Dre Audio integration which enables better and more authentic sound to the user, the very sound the artist wanted them to hear.

With the integrated Dropbox Internet data storage service, you can store and share photos and video recordings in a simple manner. The user is offered 25 gigabytes of space free-of-charge over a two-year period.

The integrated 1.5GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor contributes to outstandingly fast graphics, applications, games and a longer battery life owing to a special fifth core, whereas Corning Gorilla glass protects 4.7-inch screen.

 “We are honoured to be in a situation to present HTC One phones series with an excellent design and performances, especially when it comes to camera and sound, for the first time and simultaneously with the rest of the European market,” HTC Product Manager Marko Savković explains.

“Smart Network covers the entire Serbian territory in order to enable fast and unimpeded data flow each smart device requires, thus offering the ultimate user experience in our network to the buyers of this unique phone,” Telenor Marketing Manager Nemanja Žilović added.

Depending on hours s/he spends on the internet, the user can opt for Surfuj više 10, 20, 30 or 50 plan, with a certain number of minutes and text messages within the network, as well as unlimited Internet.