Optimism and Persistence: Roads to Success

Pronalazači Srbije (Inventors of Serbia) is a documentary featuring two young Serbian scientists who know that talent, optimism and dedication are key ingredients for success

Jovan Jovanović Zmaj high school senior Stefan Velja is a proud recipient of the Gold Medal and the Order of the Crown of the Kingdom of Belgium, the award of the Romanian Ministry of Development and Innovation, as well as the Gold Plaque of the Moscow Institute for Innovation. All these were awarded to him for a single invention – the blood clot guard patent. Nikola Cvejin from Žabalj came up with his first invention in the seventh grade, earning him the Gold Seal of the Russian Federation. This young man has been showered with countless awards ever since. Inspired by their optimism, Telenor decided to tell the story of the life, achievements, and plans of these two young men in a documentary called Pronalazači Srbije, which premiered today onTelenor’s YouTube channel.
Without any medical training, only motivated by desire to help his father, who was having trouble with a blood clot, Stefan came up with the idea to build a stent – a device that is inserted in the body and secured to a blood vessel. When hit by a blood clot, the device catches it and breaks it down. The blood clot guard, as the inventor named his patent, also won him an entry ticket to the long-coveted science camp in Helsinki.
Stefan is not much different than his peers. This, as his brother dubbed him, “outgoing geek” plays the piano and the guitar, enjoys sports and bridge with his friends, and sets a good example of how ideas and hard work lead to great results.
The 22-year old student from Žabalj Nikola Cvejin designed his first invention as early as at the age of 12. Looking for ways to avoid getting hurt by blunt woodworking knives in art class, he ventured on his own to build an electrical device that would help him finish his assignment more easily and safely. As it turned out, this miniature piece of equipment was the first of its kind in the world, and it earned him an award from the Russian Federation, as well as the Tesla Fest award, which boosted his drive to continue his scientific efforts.
At the moment, Nikola has as many as five patented inventions for which he received numerous awards and recognitions. This young man is also the founder and President of the Association of Technology Culture in Žabalj, which brings together young inventors.
“When I was a kid, there was not anything similar reserved for young people interested in science. I started the Association when I was 18 so that other young people could also come, share their opinions, and solve problems together. I always try to help them and they, without even knowing it, help me to find solutions to my problems. This is one more way to learn from each other and make progress together,” says Nikola.
This humble young man has stopped counting his awards – to him, a medal is just a piece of metal collecting dust. Sticking to true values, Nikola selflessly shares his knowledge and experience. Through fun and games, he stimulates other young people to utilize their potential and knowledge and transform them into great works that change the world around them.
Passion, talent, faith, and determination are values that Telenor supports, confident that these young men represent an example and encouragement for all young people in Serbia to set out on their own endeavors and make their dreams come true. Share the story of these two scientists whose optimism serves as a positive example for all young people in our country.