One more park for Belgrade

Telenor gives the capital its first maze park on Ada Huja
5th April 2014 – The first maze park in Belgrade was completed today on Ada Huja thanks to the collaboration between Telenor and Supernatural.
“Over the past few years we have built parks at Nebojša Tower at Kalemegdan and the garden on Ada Huja. The maze park is the third park that Telenor has given to Belgrade within its collaboration with Supernatural. Environmental campaigns represent an integral part of our business – our employees are actively involved in them and we wish to show that there are people and companies that care about environment. We hope to inspire others to also get involved in the future campaigns,” says Sandra Štajner, Chief Communications and HR Officer at Telenor.
Lingustrum – an evergreen shrub – was planted on a surface of 26 meters in diameter. This shrub adapts to all weather conditions and seven resting benches were placed at the heart of the maze. The centre of the maze is decorated with a wrought iron sculpture by Viktor Kiš, which depicts the transformation of energy from one form to another.
“The Telenor maze at the Supernatural Park has been formed in collaboration with Telenor, a company that understands the importance of projects in the area of environmental protection, which we all benefit from as a society. To us, support from company like this one – a leader in its field – is of great significance, and this is the best way to contribute to the improvement of the environment. It is very important that non-governmental organisations and the business sector cooperate in this way. On the one hand, the maze is a way of landscaping areas on Ada Huja, but on the other, it represents an artwork that enriches the space and promotes care for the environment,” says Srđan Stanković, the founder of the Supernatural movement.
After the planting and a short film about the completed activities on  the revitalisation of the Ada Huja ecosystem, environmental workshops were organised  dealing with three themes: music, tea and organic foods.