Olympic Committee of Serbia awards

Zorana Arunović and Kjell-Morten Johnsen


December 20, 2010 - The grand sponsor of the Olympic team and the Olympic Committee of Serbia (OCS), Telenor, and its CEO have had the honour to present awards of the Olympic Committee to best athletes in 2010. Kjell-Morten Johnsen has granted the award of the Olympic Committee of Serbia to the most successful female athlete,  Zorana Arunović, sport shooter, and the best male athlete, Novak Đoković, tennis player. 


The most successful men's national team this year is the national volleyball team, while among ladies the winner is the women’s national volleyball team. For the first time, the award to the most successful young athlete has been granted, to Velimir Stjepanović, a swimmer, and the best young team is the national basketball team, the winner of the gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. The most successful coach is Novak Đoković’s coach Marian Vajda.

The OCS Presidency has granted a special award to the Davis Cup national team for the most successful team result in individual sports, This year, the winner of the OCS Trophy is Nikola Grbić, now the former captain of the national volleyball team of Serbia.

Winners of Olympic medals and participants of the Olympic Games who have created the history of the Olympic movement in Serbia attended this year’s ceremony in the Serbian Parliament.


At the end of the year when the Olympic Committee of Serbia has celebrated its 100th anniversary, its Presidency has decided to grant special badge to all medal winners and participants of the Olympic Games, to remind them of their Olympic days.