New "Surfuj više" Internet packages

With new packages, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus tablet and Lenovo G570 laptop at RSD1 only

February 29, 2012 – New “Surfuj više 50“, “Surfuj više 30“, “Surfuj više 20“, and “Surfuj više 10“ Internet tariff packages are available in Telenor as of March 01. Owing to new Smart Network, with the traffic speed 5 times higher than before, users will enjoy a significantly improved experience of surfing the Web.

These packages also enable unlimited Internet access, and after subscribers have used up gigabytes at full speed within the selected package, they still have Internet access, at a lower speed and with no additional charge. If subscribers wish to access the Internet at full speed again, they can activate the “Surfuj brže“ service.

A half of gigabytes within the selected package are valid 24 hours a day and the other half is used between midnight and 6am. For instance, within the “Surfuj više 50“ package, users always have 25GB at disposal, while additional 25GB is used from midnight until 6am.

All subscribers to the “Surfuj više 30“ package can buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus tablet or Lenovo G570 laptop at RSD1 only.

The existing “Surfuj“ packages (Surfuj 2GB, Surfuj 10GB, Surfuj 30GB) will still be at disposal, but only to users who wish to buy a modem along with the old Surfuj packages. 

Owing to Telenor’s Smart Network, subscribers can use the full potential of their tablets and smartphones quickly and efficiently, wherever they are. 

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