Music hits and clips at mobile phone

Belgrade, September 18, 2007 - Telenor Music, the latest service offered by Telenor, introduces a replacement for going to a music store at the Serbian market, and provides subscribers with an opportunity to purchase and listen to full-length songs and other music contents at their mobile phone.

“Global music distribution trends have changed significantly in recent year. Sales through mobile telephony in particular are expected to replace classic sales to a high extent in the next several years. The future of music distribution lies in a mobile phone. It is already evident that new music phone models will successfully replace mp3 players, as a result of a constantly improved sound, an option of content processing, and many other advantages. To conclude, a mobile phone is becoming a real music contents store where you can get a desired song in the easiest and fastest manner,” says Ana Davico, the media representative of Telenor.

Through a WAP portal, the Internet or an SMS message, it takes only two simple steps and several minutes to have a selected song, music clip, picture or ring tone downloaded to a subscriber’s mobile phone or PC. Only selected contents are charged at a price of RSD70 to 150 per song. GPRS traffic is free of charge.
The first step includes access to the address or and a selection of a desired melody, clip or picture. The second one is purchase confirmation and contents downloading.

Telenor music is the largest source of music and multimedia contents in Serbia so far. By the end of the year, around 40,000 full-length songs will be offered, an equivalent to a music collection of about 4,000 CDs. Unlike a physical store, a digital one, such as Telenor’s, has an unlimited offer.

Telenor Music offers latest hits of world and domestic performers, such as Missy Eliot, Madonna, Peppers, Darkwood Dub, Marcelo and EKV, as well as folk music performers.

As in any other store, the offer in this one is versatile. New titles will be added on a weekly basis, and in addition to latest hits, most prominent rock, pop, jazz and music pieces, as well as songs and fairy tales for children, will be offered.

Telenor has signed an agreement on cooperation with the Organisation for Music Copyright Protection “SOKOJ”. Publisher and author copyrights are protected with the DRM (Digital Rights Management) standard, which prevents further contents transfer, thus successfully fighting piracy.