Music digitalization helps domestic scene development

Telenor exchanged knowledge on streaming services and its benefits with musicians

Today Telenor hosted a number of domestic bands in order to share information on how to set their music on Deezer music service and how to reach fans all over the world, exercising their copyrights all along. On this occasion opinions were exchanged regarding the status of music worldwide and in Serbia and how to improve and develop the local scene through music digitization.

A large number of domestic bands were present at the event such as su Svi na pod, Nežni Dalibor, Sevdah Baby and others, and in talking to them a conclusion was reached that the fastest and easiest way to reach their audience is through modern technologies, and that it takes mutual effort and energy to significantly improve the situation in this area.

“Our ambition is to support the local music scene and help its development in the long term. That is why we are here today, in order to provide know-how and help musicians to upload and promote music digitally and to show them how to benefit from it. The possibility to share its music on one of the world's largest music services is very important for each performer, especially to those just starting, for they can protect their copyrights in this manner,” said Mikel Nosgard, Chief Marketing Officer in Telenor.

Global and European tendencies of music services, the way the bands digitize their music and how it eases their promotion were the subjects on the first panel, led by journalist Galeb Nikacevic. Maciej Jaworski, Head of CEE, Deezer, Fabian Stilke, Universal Music General Manager for West Balkans and Nemanja Zilovic, Marketing Director in Telenor spoke on the panel.

The second panel was the opportunity for a long time music journalist Toma Grujic, singer Ana Stanic, with the new album being one of the most frequently listened on Deezer and Petar Babic, Postpaid Segment Manager in Telenor to present their own opinion on domestic scene. The discussion was led by Ida Prester, musician and TV announcer, and the topics were, among others, the music industry in Serbia and how it can be improved through streaming services.

Telenor announced cooperation with three new bands – Artan Lili, Ljubičice and Iskaz that will be additionally promoted through its communication channels in the following period. In this manner Telenor continued the support for the domestic music scene initiated in July last year.

Afterwards a workshop followed where musicians were introduced to Deezer service in practice, Rebeat software for independent upload of music content to the web and possibilities of the Play + tariff plans.

During the event, Dj Dada Selectah, popular local artist, was playing music form Deezer.
A reminder – Deezer music service is free for Play + plan users and has over 30 million high sound quality songs of domestic and foreign performers in its growing base.