Most relevant online information in one place – “Dobre stvari“ digital portal

Following the introduction of Smart Network with five times faster Internet access, Telenor portal brings special benefits to smart device users
May 11, 2012 – For the first time in Serbia, users will have access to the “Dobre stvari” digital portal via smart devices – phones, tablets and laptops, where they will have a chance to upload all good web contents they find important.

In one place, at and (for mobile devices), Internet users will have access to a digital content shop, the most popular social networks, e-mail accounts, Google search engine and Youtube, as well as news from well-liked web portals, as well as news with accompanying video content.

“Technologies are advancing every day and both clients and the market are becoming ever more demanding. Guided by the wish to maintain our leading position when it comes to innovations, we have launched and developed a digital portal on the smart platform that recognizes the user’s device and adjusts the contents accordingly. The portal will satisfy everyday communication needs of all users, regardless whether they are smart phone users, and including all phones with Internet access. This portal brings practical and authentic Internet experience to small and big screens and gathers all relevant information for users in one place,” says Telenor Chief Marketing Officer Marek Slacik.

Only Telenor users will have access to special services and promo campaigns such as settings for mobile devices, activation of personalised campaigns and services, cost control, phone records, as well as account balance checks. The “Dobre stvari” also offers a solution to any dilemma a Telenor user might have about Telenor services and products.

During the promo period, depending on their current monthly plan, all Telenor users registered on the portal will receive free-of-charge applications in the Telenor market. Telenor postpaid users will receive twice as many minutes and megabytes within their monthly plans for two months, whereas prepaid users will be allowed free activation of a current campaign featuring in the Moj Meni service offer. 

The user registers by entering his/her username and password, e-mail address and phone number. Every profile on the “Dobre stvari” portal is available solely to the owner and all information on the portal will be treated as confidential in accordance with the portal’s Confidentiality Data Policy.