More people stay online during vacation

Telenor registers three-digit growth in data roaming across Europe 
This summer Telenor Serbia’s customers surfed while travelling about twice as much as the year before. This trend  presumably comes as a result of making roaming services more affordable and easier to use, and a growing need of consumers to stay connected.
“We observe the same trend across our European markets – a three-digit increase in the amount of data consumed by our customers while travelling abroad. At the same time there is a smaller increase in voice traffic. This growth is a result of our initiatives introduced across European markets to make it more affordable and simpler to use mobile services abroad, but also consumers’ need stay connected on the move, something that our customers obviously value,” says Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Head of Europe at Telenor Group.
In Montenegro and Serbia data usage has more than doubled in comparison with 2014. Top three roaming destinations for customers of Telenor Serbia are Montenegro, Bosnia and Greece.
With Telenor presence in both Montenegro and Serbia, and a high number of visitors from one neighboring country to the other and vice versa, the company has created a special roaming offer in the form of Daily and Weekly Cards, making it affordable and easy to understand and control the costs. For a fixed amount per ticket, they would get unlimited calls, SMS at local price and unlimited data traffic within the network, as well as free incoming calls from all networks.
For all other destinations, Travel Sure roaming tariffs, which limit data transfers to 10 MB or 50 MB, bring the most favorable roaming prices so far, as well as insight in current spending at any time. In that way, spending control is possible in real time and customer can check account balance anywhere and anytime. Moreover, we offer our customers the possibility to combine roaming tariffs and create prices that suit him or her best, especially when traveling or going through several countries from different roaming zones.
 “We have introduced new roaming packages and add-ons in our European markets making roaming more affordable, predictable and easier to use. This is just a start of our company-wide retail roaming initiative announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March this year, aiming to eliminate unpredictable costs for data-hungry consumers using mobile services while abroad,” Johnsen said.
Roaming trends in other European markets 
In Norway, Telenor registered 103% growth in mobile data usage abroad in July 2015, compared to the same month last year, with Sweden, Denmark and Spain as top roaming destinations.
Telenor Sweden reports that every other customer roamed when abroad, compared to 1 of 3 last summer. The total increase in data usage has reached impressive 300%. During vacation Swedes spend they megabytes on entertainment and sharing, with YouTube, web-streaming (for example Facebook), Spotify and Netflix, as some of the most visited sites. Denmark, Norway and Spain are the top destinations.
Danes seem to bring their surfing habits to vacation too. According to Telenor Denmark‘s records, data traffic increased 120% in the period June-July 2015 compared to the same period last year. At the same time, there is a 8% increase in voice roaming, while SMS decreased 6%. Looking at the networks that majority of Telenor Denmark’s customers roamed in, their favorite summer destinations are Sweden, Germany and Spain.
In Bulgaria, Telenor customers who travelled abroad have surfed 240% more this summer June and July than in 2014, but they also call more while travelling, making an increase of 23% .
In Hungary, Telenor also sees a clear increase in voice roaming usage, both generated by visitors in Telenor network, and our customers roaming in foreign networks. Data traffic has tripled, both generated by visitors and by Telenor customers travelling abroad. Majority of Telenor Hungary’s customers are roaming in Austria, Germany and Italy. According to the company’s roaming data, the most popular summer destinations outside of EU are Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.