Moja Firma Kombinuj, business offer-created according to customer needs

Create your own offer and save up to 20,000 dinars when buying new smartphone

As of today, owners of small businesses in Serbia, who are business users of Telenor services, have a possibility to save up to 20,000 dinars when buying new phones, by making combinations within the Moja firma tariff packages. The largest benefit is that customers can create the offer on their own, according to their needs, i.e. have the possibility to make, by themselves, the wanted combination of both tariff packages from Moja firma portfolio, as well as devices for which they will use the discount.

The first precondition for combining discounts on one or more devices within the business offer Moja Firma Kombinuj is for small enterprises owners to have three or more numbers (SIM cards) when renewing the old or signing a new contract, for 24-month period, within business tariff packages Moja Firma. The second precondition is that at least one number is taken without a device. They get the discount, i.e. bonus for the purchase of devices for numbers with which they take no handsets and it's determined based on the level of monthly subscription.
For example, if you already have or need four numbers for your firm, you can easily make a combination so as to get one or more smartphones from the offer at better prices. 
Specifically, if you want the phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in the tariff package Moja firma Pro, you can save 15,000 dinars, provided that you don't need phones for the other three numbers, as well as for those numbers to be in the tariff packages Moja firma Intro, Moja firma Basic and Moja firma Klasik standard.  
Packages Moja firma enable more efficient and simpler communications of employees in dynamic enterprises. Depending on the selected tariff package, business customers get free calls within the team, minutes in Telenor network, large number of minutes to other networks in Serbia, minutes for calls to partners abroad and in roaming, as well as corresponding Internet throughput