Mobile network functioning is a priority

Internet traffic for users in affected areas 
Telenor has provided all users in the flood-affected areas who need Internet traffic with one gigabyte of Internet traffic for a period of one week. All they have to do is send a free-of-charge SMS with the text “pomoc“ to 9000. This free service is valid for seven days and can be activated by Sunday, May 25, at the latest. 
All Telenor sectors are working day and night to ensure regular functioning of the mobile network. Free Internet traffic is another way of supporting those who need help, while preserving the network stability and its seamless functioning.
„Functioning of the network and the toll-free 112 remains our priority. That number is designated for rescue aid and evacuation of people and is the same for all operators, and can be dialled from phones without a SIM card as well. More than 50% of base stations are functional again and we are doing everything we can for the network to service those who are most threatened at this moment,“ says Slobodan Sekulić, Director of the Service Management Sector. 
Owing to immense efforts, regular functioning of the network has been established in the flooded area of Obrenovac, Barič, Umka, at the territory of Lazarevac, Azanja, Ljig, Kosjerić, Krupanj, Lešnica, Prnjavor, and Arapovac. 
“Telenor’s crisis team is constantly monitoring the situation regarding the network. We have used all the power generation capacities to defend the base stations and central points in the most affected areas,” said Slobodan Sekulić.
The base stations operate with occasional interruptions, as they do not have regular power supply and are threatened by rain, floods and landslides. Total normalisation of mobile traffic is expected with the improvement of weather conditions and the establishment of regular power supply of the base stations.