#mladiheroji YouTube Stars

Telenor supports young people who truly prove that hard work, good ideas, and positive energy can turn having fun into successful business

Yasserstain, a movie about young YouTube stars, made its premiere today on Telenor’s YouTube channel. The crew from Novi Sad – Milan, Petar, Singer, and Leni are authors of fun and entertaining skits whose YouTube channel boasts more than 225,000 subscribers and 60 million views. Their biggest fans are teenagers – both elementary and secondary school students. The popular video network YouTube acknowledged their success with a reward – the Silver Play Button.
“When we started in 2009. we had around 1,000 views per clip, although half of them were from our friends from school,” says Milan Inić, Yasserstain’s creator, and adds, “My friends were teasing me about filming stuff all the time, but when I arrived at the Karlovačka gimnazija high school I was welcomed with a lot of support both from friends and teachers. I believe I wouldn’t still be doing this today without it.”
The only objective of the four young men is to bring laughter to as many people as possible. Milan is the author of the biggest part of their ideas – the script – and more than half of every skit is made up of improvising. For them, YouTube is a place where they have fun but also work because their audience grew bigger over time, and their efforts now carry more weight, opening up different business opportunities.
“Everything you used to look for and find in libraries is now available on YouTube – from tutorials and sketches to music videos. And everything is at your fingertips: here you can grow your creativity or business or express your views or style. I can do my work from New York, Hawaii, or far away corners of the countryside. I can be anywhere in the world – all I need is an internet connection and a camera,” says Milan.
“I became fully aware of how popular they are when they came to visit my current class. As soon as they entered the classroom chaos ensued. I realized that they were role models in the eyes of of today’s youth. This makes me happy not only because they were students of mine, but also because they were exceptionally intelligent, kind, and good young people who stayed that way. Another thing I’m happy about is that they prove that there’s still hope for this country,” says their homeroom teacher from Karlovačka gimnazija.   
The film about Yasserstain, regional YouTube stars from Novi Sad, is part of Telenor’s series of short documentaries tagged with #mladiheroji that show modest young people who have achieved great success thanks to their own hard work, commitment, talent, and positive attitude.
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You can watch the film here.