Internet for all: Connecting people and investing in development of digital society

In 2014, another 20,000 pupils and students in 13 schools and a library, over 210,000 citizens in Niš and Preševo, 50 children daily undergoing medical treatment at the Institute for Orthopaedic -Surgical Diseases “Banjica” and 400 young people in two internet clubs in Užice and Lešnica were provided with Internet access. Almost 10,000 children and youth are regularly informed about safe Internet usage within the project "Stop Digital Bullying". 10 hypertension, infarction and stroke prevention centres have been digitalized all over Serbia. About 16.68 tons of electronic and electrical waste has been recycled.
During 2014, Telenor and Telenor Foundation, together with 48 partners from public and civil sector, successfully initiated and supported 28 new projects. By providing Internet access, as part of strategic ambition “Internet for All”, Telenor and Telenor Foundation have encouraged its more massive use and contributed to the growth of IT literacy and development of digital platforms in education, health and ecology.
“With the pace of development that we are all witnessing today, with societies going digital around us, we are confident that by sharing our knowledge, technology and expertise we can help people to get the full benefit of being connected. By operating responsibly in all aspects of our operations, we have become an integral part of the society, and we will continue to contribute to the further development of digital technologies in Serbia,” says Ove Fredheim, CEO of Telenor.

Most important projects in 2014

During the previous year, within the strategic ambition “Internet for All”, Telenor equipped with Internet and PCs 13 schools, two Internet clubs and a library. We continued with opening of Internet parks for the seventh year in a row. Together with Niš and Preševo, there are now 17 parks in 8 cities of Serbia.
For children, digital natives of today, Internet is one of the basic tools in daily communications and learning. In partnership with educational portal “SuperSchool”, today over 50 children daily undergoing treatment at the Institute for Orthopaedic-Surgical Diseases “Banjica”, can follow school curricula over the Internet. During 2015, this initiative was continued in the Institute for Mother and Child Health Care “Dr Vukan Čupić”, and the plan is to include another two hospitals.
During the last year, as many as 70 percent of children and the young of Serbia have been exposed to some form of digital violence. Telenor is committed to make Internet a safe place for everyone. In cooperation with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development it has supported the project “Stop Digital Bullying” for three years now.
Recognising the influence digital communications have on health, Telenor supported opening of 10 HISPA centres for diagnostics and treatment of hypertension patients. The development of the first HISPA mobile health application has been announced for 2015.
Telenor is proud of its employees who became equally important driving force of social change and sustainability. More than 400 employees volunteered in humanitarian activities, collected 2.5 tons of aid for the flood threatened population and planted the first Labyrinth Park in Belgrade at Ada Huja.
During the floods, Telenor focused all its resources day and night on securing that people in the critical areas stay in touch with their families and rescue teams. Telenor Serbia and Telenor Group have donated the total of 20 million dinars to the account of the Government of the Republic of Serbia as aid to flood affected people. 
Ever since its beginnings, back in 2007, Telenor Foundation engaged in more than 350 partnerships. Through the Foundation, Telenor is investing in Serbia and remains committed to the goal of enabling Internet access to the largest possible number of citizens in Serbia. The Foundation will continue to initiate and support projects offering effective and sustainable solutions for development in Serbia.
More information on Telenor Report on Sustainable Business Operations in 2014 can be downloaded here.