Info centre of Lešnica Youth ofice opened

PCs and Internet access for the young with the support of Telenor Foundation
A simple access to the internet, possibility to gain new knowledge and improve computer literacy will be possible for Lešnica youth through the Info Centre of the Youth Office, thanks to the cooperation with Telenor Foundation. The Info Centre has been equipped with five PCs, printers and modems, which will simplify and contribute to the better quality implementation of a large number of programmes.
“We are very proud that the young in Lešnica have now their corner they will be able to use and connect with the largest possible number of organisations, from non-governmental to youth organisations, so as to coordinate together activities, devise new ones and thus influence the development of their peers in this part of Serbia. Thanks to the cooperation with Telenor Foundation, it will be technically fully equipped and connected, which will additionally help them carry out the work in the best way”, pointed out Vidoje Petrović, Mayor of Loznica.
As part of the Info Centre different courses, support to career planning, social inclusion activities will be organised and all interested will be included in the workshops for team work development and local actions planning.
“Specialisation of and empowering the young people, spreading PC literacy and enabling everyone to have the Internet today, are some of the main objectives of Telenor Foundation through which we are contributing to the social progress. By starting the Info Centre in the first place we want the young people of Lešnica to have the fast Internet and good quality access to the Internet and information they can use in their education and work, and to definitely encourage them to use them in a constructive way”, says Nevena Stefanović, Director of Corporate Communications and External Affairs in Telenor.
The volunteer service in the Info Centre will influence the improvement of the interest of the young, their skills and knowledge and workshops on healthy life styles, time management, etc. will be organised in the informal education cycle. The Career Info Corner will continue operating within the Info Centre, where the young people will be trained to realistically decide on their choice of education and profession.
Lešnica is a settlement of the Central Drina region (Podrinje), with 5,000 inhabitants, where students have one elementary school, with 600 pupils, at their disposal. The Youth Office in Lešnica was founded in September 2012, and it is contributing to the additional development of the community.