High-speed internet for all Telenor customers

New packages offer more minutes and digital data storage service


14 March 2014 – From now on, high-speed Internet will be the integral part of all new Telenor tariff packages so that the users could enjoy all the benefits of smartphones and network, and use their full potential thanks to Telenor Smart Network.


The new packages also include more minutes for calls to all networks, as well as unlimited minutes* in Telenor network. All minutes, internet traffic and SMS messages can be transferred to next three months, enabling the customers to use the traffic they pay to the maximum.


Users of new Prenesi i Surfuj packages can also save their photos and other documents with the digital service “Capture”, which constitutes their integral part. This service provides the users with virtual space in which they can save their data and the free mobile internet throughput has been provided for its use. If a customer changes, loses and damages his device, for any reasons he can have a care-free access to saved photos from any device and at any time.


Rich phone offer – Samsung S5


Also, rich smartphone offer has been expanded with the latest models, from among which we single out Samsung S5. All customers in Serbia can order it over Telenor web store, and the fastest buyers will get as present free Samsung EO-SB330 Bluetooth Active speakers worth EUR 150.


Telenor offer includes Galaxy S5 with 16 GB internal memory, and users can choose between handsets in charcoal black and shimmery white colour.


* The service is intended for private use. In the case of spending 5.000 or more minutes in the Telenor network in one billing cycle, Telenor reserves the right to change the way of the service charging, in order to keep services available to all users under the best conditions and to protect both the capacity and ensure the quality of basic services that are guaranteed by the terms and conditions.