Free-of-charge Internet for social centres in Bojnik, Lepenica and Surdulica

June 4, 2013 – Telenor Foundation has provided modems with unlimited Internet access for one year to social centres of underdeveloped municipalities in South East Serbia. In this way, Telenor has supported the project “Development of Social Centres in South East Serbia” conducted by the Children and Youth Development Association – Open Club from Niš.

For some of the kids this was the first time they saw internet
“In the times when Internet access is considered one of basic human rights in certain countries, we are glad that children, youth and all those who want it will have free-of-charge Internet access in social centres in our municipalities. Bojnik is an underdeveloped municipality facing several challenges, but we have always supported these and similar campaigns and we will continue to do so in the future”, says Stojan Vidanović, Bojnik Municipality Deputy President.
The Development of Social Centres in South East Serbia project conducted by the Children and Youth Development Association aims at ending the circle of poverty and social exclusion in the most vulnerable municipalities in South East Serbia by enabling participation of different groups, especially children and young people.
“Owing to Telenor Foundation’s donation, we have offered our children and our youth an opportunity to spread and improve their knowledge, search for career development- related information and socialise with their peers, and thus get a chance to become a community member as any other. Internet access will enable them to keep pace with the events both here and abroad”, says Slobodanka Andrejević, Social Centre Coordinator in Lepenica near Vladičin Han.
Through different projects, Telenor Foundation invests in education and professional development of young people. Telenor Foundation has so far provided equipment in the form of modern computers and Internet connection to numerous schools and Internet centres.
“Investing in education of young people is investing in the future of society. The Internet is the largest base of human knowledge and social centre users will have an opportunity to access all its advantages free–of-charge”, says Ivana Matijević, Telenor Foundation Manager.
More information on social centres is available on the official webpage.  
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