Free Internet in city parks

City of Belgrade and Telenor company – Inking of Memorandum on Cooperation

March 16, 2009 – Citizens of Belgrade will have free wireless Internet access in parks on the Belgrade territory in the next two years, owing to cooperation between Telenor company and the City Assembly. The first three parks to be equipped with Telenor wireless Internet are Vuk’s Monument park, Spring park and Skate Park in Novi Beograd.

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas and the outgoing CEO of Telenor company in Serbia, Stein-Erik Vellan, signed the agreement on cooperation on realisation of this project.
Apart from a general design Telenor company prepares for every park and installation of equipment for introduction of the Internet connection, Telenor will also be in charge of equipment maintenance. With a support of the Secretariat for Utilities and Housing Services, Public Utility Company Zelenilo Beograd and the Energy Administration, the city of Belgrade is to provide proper lighting for parks over night as well and public spaces to be arranged.

This project also contributes to development of tourist offer of the city of Belgrade, offering a possibility to all those people who visit Belgrade either as tourists or on business, to get informed about the latest events in their country in the real time, and to find out all about the city they are visiting in the fastest possible way. Free wireless Internet use in public spaces and in the open, will very much improve life quality of Belgrade citizens as well and help them respond to requests imposed on them by modern lifestyle at any place and at any time.

In June last year, Serbia received the first Internet park in its history, when Telenor’s signal in Student’s Park enabled fast Internet connection in the open. After Belgrade, citizens of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Niš, Kraljevo and Kragujevac also got their Internet parks. Telenor’s 3G signal that provides fast Internet connection, today reaches almost 40% of Serbian population in 170 towns and smaller communities.