Free internet for WhatsApp in Telenor

Skaters from Bor – Toda, Mare, Mekica and Vlatko are the heroes of the new Telenor campaign

Unlimited texting, filming videos and sharing them with friends through free internet for the WhatsApp digital service is now available to all new prepaid users for a three-month period. All they need is to activate their SIM cards! The offer is valid until September.
An additional benefit is the 50 percent discount on all pre-paid tariff add-ons in the first month after activation of the SIM card - Dodaj sve, Dodaj za sve mreže, Dodaj priču, Dodaj priču i poruke and Telenor Klik.
 “We can do More” Campaign

Skaters from Bor – Toda, Mare, Mekica, Vlatko and Stefan are the faces of the new pre-paid offer. Through the story of these five young men, who have built on their own a skate park in their city, Telenor promotes optimism, as the main driver in the realization of our goals. You may watch their video “Why I love to drive a skate board” on Telenor’s YouTube channels. It is the first in a series of films promoting positive examples and creative young people in Serbia. It will accompany Telenor “We can do More” campaign in the coming period.
Tariff add-ons

The Dodaj priču add-on is intended for those who spend most of the time talking on their mobile phone within their operator’s network; Dodaj priču i poruke provides for SMS messages and free minutes within the network, while Dodaj sve includes both free minutes, SMS messages and megabytes within the network. The Dodaj za sve mreže add-on is intended for those who to enjoy unrestrained talk with all national networks. All add-ons are valid seven days from the moment of activation.
Internet aficionados may opt for the Dnevni Klik add-on with 100 megabytes of Internet, Nedeljni Klik with 150 megabytes and Mesečni Klik with 200 megabytes within the Telenor network.
These add-ons are activated by the short code Moj meni *111# or the Moj Telenor app.
You may find more information about the pre-paid offer at