First Teen talk 2013 conference – What digital native generation wants?

Telenor representatives discussed latest music trends among young people

October 18, 2013 – First conference dedicated to the digital native generation Teen Talk 2013 in the organisation of Bravo magazine and sponsored by Telenor, took place at Belgrade-based Dom omladine. The conference gathered experts from the fields of communications, media, film, psychology, music and sports. Numerous prominent individuals were among the panellists to discuss the topic - What Digital Native Generation Wants? who reached a conclusion that cultural behaviour and teenagers’ needs are inseparably linked to the use of modern technologies.
The first panel dubbed "From comic to Clip" included discussions about the items today’s high school pupils are hiding below their school desks and whether the education system can keep pace with advancement of digital technologies. Panel host Galeb Nikačević came to a conclusion that young people are actually yearning to use advanced technologies in education. In addition to Uroš Zorić, E-business Administrator at Telenor, Aleksa Balašević, a high school pupil, Čarobna knjiga’s PR representative and horror fan Gordana Fiket Đurković, Mirjana Vlaović, 17-year-old writer, Tamara Simić Jaćimovski, a chemistry teacher at VII Belgrade Grammar School as well as Vidoje Radulović, a social worker at Children’s Village Sremska Kamenica were also among the participants.

“Music - universal communication channel” presentation was held by Milica Milivojević, Post Paid Segment Expert and Goran Stupar Media Specialist at Telenor. While interacting with the audience, they presented the habits of the digital native generation when it comes to music and the effect of the Internet on the ways of listening to music. “Nowadays, based on someone’s wardrobe you can no longer tell what kind of music s/he prefers,” said Milica.
Goran and Milica presented Deezer service, available in Telenor with Play+ tariff plans, with the help of a music game show, as the latest music streaming trend among the young people.
The panel "Young children/Hooligans" was dedicated to violence at sports events. The director of the movie “Šišanje“ Stevan Filipović, talked about ways other countries treat hooliganism , adding that he believes that Serbia is the only country supporting and using groups of fans and hooligans.
The panel “WOW – LOL!” discussed changes in communication methods between the members of the digital native generation. In that connection, psychotherapist Zoran Milivojević said that he considers himself a “digital immigrant”, and that growing up with social networks is completely different, as well as that he believes that digital communication is necessary for today’s youth.
The panel “Five minutes of fame” discussing music reality shows included participation of Prvi glas Srbije music TV show contender Sara Jovanović, music composer Kristina Kovač, music critic Petar Janjatović and Operation Triumph contender Vukašin Brajić. The Amerikana hall of Dom omladine was filled with people and positive atmosphere yesterday. Young people in the audience were active participants who clearly expressed their views on current topics.
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