First Issue Of Telenor’s Magazine Published - First “Contact” With Readers Established

September 02, 2009 – The first issue of “Kontakt”, free of charge customer magazine, providing all the information on Telenor services and the latest news and stories from everyday life in Serbia, is available to all Telenor subscribers and interested citizens as of today.

In the first issue, readers will be informed on the latest music hits for mobile phones, testing results of Samsung Galaxy with Android™ platform, and parks in Belgrade where the free Telenor Internet is available. In the regular “Interview” column, Hans Ola Urstad, Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, talks about learning about Serbia on a motorbike. The magazine also includes an article describing spas and recreational centres to visit in the autumn.

Vera Aćimović and Marek Slačik

The section about everyday life in Serbia includes a story about a woman who has managed to develop a successful business in the year of the global economic crisis, whereas the section about cities presents a travel report from Sombor. The magazine offers numerous useful tips, ranging from a healthy diet despite the fast pace of life, to a way to become a street basketball champion. A special section focuses on subscriber services offered by Telenor and answers to users’ questions.

Free magazine issues will be available on the first of every month in Telenor’s shops and at authorised dealers.

“Large companies in Europe and the world, such as Ikea, L’Oreal, Audi, have magazines for their clients, as a form of free publications which build up customer relations. Telenor has launched the magazine presenting important information from the world of communication and interesting news from various areas, available to everyone,” said Marek Slacik, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and the Chief Marketing Officer in Telenor in Serbia.

Presentation of “Kontakt” magazine, organised in the Supermarket last evening, was attended by numerous celebrities and friends of the company.
Telenor is seventh largest world mobile operator in the world with 166 million clients, 2.863 million of which are in Serbia. This company has a reputation of an innovator in domain of mobile telephony. After the investment worth EUR1.513bn, which was pronounced for the highest individual investment in the Southeast Europe, Telenor has officially been operating in Serbia since September 1, 2006.
Android is trademark of Google, Inc.