Final segment of the campaign “Do recycle, do what you know”

A unique recycling device for PET and plastic bottles officially commissioned in Vračar

As of today, the Sports Centre Vračar has a unique RECIPLET device, sculpture-toy for recycling pet and plastic bottles with solar power supply, which also includes a press for pet and paper recycling material.
The device, which has been ceremoniously commissioned today, is the winning solution of elementary school students Anđela Vukašinović and Andrijana Tmušić from the school “Siniša Nikolajević”, which they devised with the support of their teacher Slobodanka Todorović.
About 120 elementary students from 50 regular and special schools took part in RECIPELT competition workshops. By competing in the production of Reciplet, student developed creative and motoric skills, and through games and recycling learned how rejects can become nice and useful.

“The device has ecological and social-pedagogic aims. Aesthetically speaking it’s likeable and stimulates people, particularly children to take greater care of the environmental preservation and cleanness of the city. The device has fun elements and opens possibilities for games and competition. By placing RECIPLET on the territory of Vračar Municipality we are contributing to the development of cultural and ecological awareness of citizens. By introducing multi-purpose containers for recyclable materials in schools we enable the local authorities to apply the existing legal frameworks”, says Biba Vicković, Director of the Association “Octopus’’.
Thanks to the support of Telenor Foundation, some 100 recycling containers for pet and paper have been provided: 54 for six Belgrade elementary schools, 36 for six elementary schools in Vranje and nine for elementary and secondary school in Sokobanja.
The school also got monetary compensation for delivering waste raw materials. Some 14 schools concluded contracts with waste raw material purchasing companies, six elementary schools in Vračar, six elementary schools in Vranje and elementary and secondary school in Sokobanja.
Some 14 schools from Vranje, Sokobanja and Vračar will take part in the competition and prize money has been secured for the winning class, so that they can go on excursion to Budapest, Prague or spend five days at the seaside in late 2014 and 2015. 
Also, 120 certificates have been issued for completed accredited training No. 641 in the catalogue of the Institute for the Promotion of Educations and Upbringing for this and next school year.
The ceremonious commissioning of RECIPLET ecological device, marks the end of nine-month programme of national ecological campaign entitled “Do recycle, do what you can” which has been implemented in a series of interlinked activities with the funds of SENSE programme, carried out by the Environmental Regional Programme.