Fast internet wherever Telenor signal exist

An additional investment of EUR 10 million will enable fast internet for 99% of citizens of Serbia
Telenor will invest an additional EUR 10 million in the upgrade of its Smart Network over the next six months, after which 99% of citizens of Serbia will have access to fast internet.
“Our goal is to enable internet opportunities for all citizens of Serbia, and bring faster internet anywhere where mobile network exists. After EUR 20 million has been invested in network infrastructure in this year only, we are going to invest additional EUR 10 million in data network expansion that will enable high-speed data transfer. The project is extremely complex, and it includes upgrades on 1650 base stations. By the year’s end, our fast 3G internet will cover central Serbia, and by the end of March 2016 we will also cover Vojvodina”, says Ove Fredheim, CEO of Telenor Serbia.
Nearly half (48.8%) of Telenor’s customers have smartphones and use demanding mobile apps and advanced services, like Telenor Banka. With the growing usage of smartphones, the number of people using mobile banking has increased two and a half times in comparison with the previous year. According to the National Bank of Serbia, 276,000 people in Serbia are accessing their banking services on mobile phones, while Telenor Banka currently has more than 90,000 customers.
In order to respond to the growing needs of its customers, Telenor keeps upgrading Smart Network, which took up most of the investments since 2006, totaling EUR 340 million. Right now, Smart Network covers 85% of the citizens, and the availability of fast internet will enable customers in rural areas to use all of the benefits of Internet.
At the same time, Telenor continues to expand its 4G network, first in cities, where mobile internet is used most, and then in rural areas, depending on customers' needs.