Environmental workshops in preschool institutions and secondary schools

Continuation of educating children on ecology titled “Children and Recycling” in Vračar municipality

November 22, 2007 – An environmental workshop was organised at the “Nada Purić” Kindergarten in the municipality of Vračar. Representatives of the Municipality, the management of kindergartens in this municipality and the Telenor Foundation visited the kindergarten. Through games and creative work, children have learned how waste materials are processed into new items. This kindergarten is one of educational institutions included in the traditional project of education on ecology titled “Children and Recycling”, organised by the Belgrade Ecology Centre and endorsed by the Municipality of Vračar and the Telenor Foundation.
During the workshops children made collages, drawings while talking on the importance on protection of nature.
The programme aims at educating children from all preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools of this municipality, 1,500 of them in total, on environmental protection and sustainable development. Education in preschool institutions is currently in progress, where children will learn from practical examples what recycling is, how to recycle and help environmental protection.

Uroš Todorović, the Manager of the Belgrade Ecological Centre, says the following: “We expect this campaign to result in an increasing number of children and young people, as well as their parents and citizens, who are informed on advantages and significance of recycling each year. We should become aware of the fact that we can indirectly influence the reduction of waste disposal sites and volumes of waste in the nature, thus contributing to energy saving and reduction of pollution and exploitation of natural resources. We are glad that the Telenor Foundation has recognised this project as effective and developmental and accordingly decided to support it, since the Municipality of Vračar attributes huge significance to the implementation of sustainable development plans.”

Branimir Kuzmanović, the President of the Municipality of Vračar, states the following: “Recycling is important for the economic growth of the country, environmental protection and sustainability of energy resources. By educating the youngest, we achieve a common goal – establishing environmental protection as a priority in lives of all members of the social community.”

Following the completion of environmental workshops in preschool institutions, the Belgrade Ecological Centre will organise and conduct lectures on recycling and urban ecology in Belgrade for sudents of all secondary schools on the territory of the municipality of Vračar.