Electronic school grade books introduced in all elementary schools in Palilula

September 24, 2013 – Owing to cooperation between Municipality of Palilula and Telenor Foundation, parents of elementary school pupils from Palilula can now check their kid’s grades, absences and receive other important information, such as parent-teacher meetings’ timetable, at any moment. All elementary school pupils are given this option as well. In order to fully benefit from electronic school grade books parents must have Internet access or a mobile phone. Each Friday, parents receive free-of-charge text message and an e-mail including children’s grades and absence records for the week in question.
The president of the Municipality of Palilula Stojan Nikolić explains that the core aim of this project is modernisation of 16 elementary schools from which all the interested parties will benefit in more than one way. “Parents and pupils can find all relevant information always available and all in one place. Teachers, schools and the municipality also get high-quality and easy accessible statistics regarding work of teaching staff during the school year and, above all, we have created jobs for eight persons with disabilities whose task will be to transfer data from regular grade books into electronic ones. I believe that we have set a good example for other municipalities in Serbia,” the president of the Municipality of Palilula Stojan Nikolić added.
All parents who would like to have access to electronic school grade books of their children have been given their usernames and passwords. For the time being, data is available on  website, and will soon be available via links towards elementary schools’ websites. The Telenor Foundation has enabled free-of-charge text messages to parents and computers and Internet modems for the staff whose job is to insert the data. 

Ivana Matijević, Manager of Telenor foundation, says that the project of electronic school grade books is an excellent example of how can digital technologies and mobile telecommunications contribute to development of local communities, improve pupils’ education, improve relations between children and parents and also save time and means. “Before this school year has begun, parents of elementary school pupils had to visit schools in person in order to obtain information on grades and absences. Now they do not need more than a mobile phone or Internet access. I am convinced that electronic school grade books will improve education of young people, having in mind that they will contribute to strengthening of mutual trust between the parents, the teachers and the pupils, Matijević concluded.
The project has been given the approval of the Parents’ Counsel. Data regarding children whose parents did not agree to this project will not be available in electronic school grade books. In order to prevent unauthorized access, the data base is encrypted, whereas storage, namely backup of data, is conducted automatically once in six hours by sending saved data to two different locations. The Municipality of Palilula is now considering the expansion of this project to include high schools on its territory.