Earth Hour 2015

This, seventh year in a row, Telenor is joining the global campaign “Earth Hour”, which will be held on Saturday, March 28 starting from 20:30 h. During that hour all lights in the HQ building in Belgrade will be turned off, as well as in shops all over Serbia.
The campaign “Earth Hour” represents the largest global volunteer drive organised by the World Wild Fund and the basic idea of the action is to inspire all of us to use fewer resources and reduce the emission of glasshouse gases, as well as increase energy efficiency. With this year’s slogan “Change climate change”, a unique message is sent that together we can reach sustainable solutions.
The World Wild Fund -WWF launched the campaign “Earth Hour” back in 2007 in Australia. Then 2.2 million households and companies in Sidney turned off the lights for one hour. Last year, both global and local records have been broken. Over two billion people from more than 150 countries of the world and practically 7,000 cities turned off the lights, whereas in Serbia 80 towns and municipalities, as well as more than 70 civil society organisations and close to 100 schools joined in. 
Frequently, an individual doesn’t have enough power to move the world. Together, billions of people can do great things for their planet. We are inviting you to join in this campaign, turn off the lights for 60 minutes and be a part of this driving force.