Discount on monthly subscription with Platimo service

All postpaid subscribers get 20% discount if they use E-Bill and pay via mobile phone

December 3, 2012 – All Telenor postpaid subscribers who activate the e-Bill service by February 29 and pay their Telenor bill using the PlatiMo service get a 20% discount on monthly subscription in the following six months. A user automatically activates the subscription discount for the following month every time s/he pays a phone bill with the PlatiMo service. The first payment of a monthly bill with the PlatiMo service has to be made by March 20, 2012.

For instance, a user has activated the eBill and PlatiMo services. In January, s/he receives a Telenor bill for December (for the previous subscription period) on a phone via the PlatiMo service. By paying the December bill with the PlatiMo service, a user automatically activates the 20% discount on monthly subscription for February (for the following subscription period) and receives the February bill reduced by 20% for subscription in March.

EBill enables users to receive a monthly bill to an e-mail address in electronic form, rather than on paper. All a user has to do is enter an e-mail address where s/he wants bills to be sent at My Telenor portal. S/he will then receive a link confirming the activation. All subscribers who choose this option will have an opportunity to send free SMS messages from the portal to phones within Telenor’s network. This method saves paper and protects the environment.

The PlatiMo service can be used regardless of a type of mobile phone. All a user needs to do is replace an old SIM card with a new one, with a digital certificate, in a Telenor store, and connect the certificate with his/her current account in some of the partner banks: Komercijalna, Raiffeisen, Erste and Credit Agricole.

Telenor has provided the platform which enables safe and fast transactions at a high data protection level. The PlatiMo service is a modern replacement for banknotes and payment cards. By using this service, a user can pay monthly bills for Telenor, shop on the Internet, or transfer money to other PlatiMo users.

The PlatiMo service is not available to users of the “Prenesi i dopuni“ packages.